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  1. I'm surprised the picture of Robert with his pants down at the Knebworth photo shoot hasn't made an appearance on this thread.
  2. I actually hunted out this thread immediately after viewing this video. You beat me to it. Shame something as great as the almighty Led Zeppelin should be associated with Trump
  3. +1 on the Ernie Ball Regular Slinky. I use them on my Les Paul as well. The 10's feel great on my fingers. I use 9's on my Strat though. My three acoustics all have D'Addario Phosphor Bronze EJ16's (.012-.053 on them). So to sum it up, for acoustic, I recommend the 12 guage Phosphor Bronze's, but I would totally recommend the Regular Slinky's for electric. They jut feel great. I've also heard that those are the strings Pagey used.... Hmmm.....
  4. This is taken from this longer session. Poor Tom starts somewhere after the 25 minute mark. This is one of my favorite sessions. Zep at their finest. I think Robert may be the one playing at the beginning.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Usn0GfH4tic
  5. We'll still go walking down country lanes, I'll sing the same old songs, hear me call your name.
  6. Black dog- Madison square garden-1973 BEST PERFORMANCE of black dog EVER
  7. In the videos of the broncos and their coach before the Super Bowl when the levee breaks was playing
  8. The Washington Nationals regularly play the intro to Whole Lotta Love at their games.
  9. Vinyl: Led Zep I Led Zep II Led Zep III(first press) Led Zep IV Houses of the Holy Presence Digital: Mothership And a couple shirts haha.
  10. That's awesome that you have a promo. Thanks for all the info!
  11. Huh. Interesting. I'm assuming this is the standard Atlantic label?
  12. It list the number(serial?) St-a702005-a, it also says Mastercraft R, and what side it is.
  13. Cool! Thank you. Not trying to sell, just wondering what I have.
  14. Since I've Been Loving You or Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
  15. Here's some picture of my copy: Note the next two. Side one and two both say,"So mote be it~AT"
  16. I was wondering if this is a first pressing Led Zeppelin III?
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