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  1. In World of Warcraft, the PC game. There's a nice LZ reference:
  2. HTWWW without a doubt, no contest whatsoever, 1972 plant's voice is still powerful, the tempo's hadn't slowed down, the band was absolutely on fire - highlights for me are the black dog guitar solo - perhaps my favorite bit of page playing of all time, the band is cocky, on-fire. absolutely love the riff coming out of the heartbreaker solo, t's extremely powerful, OTHAFA is great, acoustic set is great, dancing days, bring it on home - in 1972 they were still playing at the same tempo as plant could still hit the high notes. There is entirely too much guitar wanking in TSRTS, plants voice is r
  3. I've always speculated that decreased frequency in playing together live had a huge impact - if you look at their early days 69-71 they toured often, this frequency diminished in the later years. From 75 - 80 they did a total of 107 shows, in 69 alone they played 167 concerts, they especially seemed to be inspired by their live playing which in turn would influence the next album, songs would expand and improvisation would provide additional areas to explore for the next album. I can't recall where i read this but in an interview Page was asked if he thought he could writing something as goo
  4. LOVE the III companion disc, it is a gem. Bathroom Sound and Friends no-vocal tracks sound like Zeppelin in Dub, can really focus on the tight rhythm section and the sound is terrific on CD, drums sound fantastic, Gallows Pole is excellent as well,. Very happy w/ purchase
  5. source, Striders list ^ excellent list of shows. 1970.09.02 - Oakland Stadium, Oakland, California - a - 1970.09.04 - The Forum, Inglewood, California - a - 1971.08.31 - Civic Auditorium, Orlando, Florida - s/a - 1971.09.09 - Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia - s - 1971.09.14 - Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California - a - 1971.09.23 - Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan - a/v - 1971.09.24 - Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan - a - 1971.09.29 - Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan - a - 1972.02.19 - Memorial Drive, Adelaide, Australia - a - 1972.02.27 - Showground, Sydney, Australi
  6. love black dog when the band is on, like the 72 version on HTWWW, they just destroy in this one. Pages solo is absolutely stunning. The 02 reunion black dog was solid, the drums sounded fantastic and Page ripped some very tasty notes, to me, this black dog(on a magic night) really demonstrates the power of the band. what are some other killer, high energy black dogs?
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