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  1. You never know...Page could be serious and actually have a plan together. The problem isn't him -- it's all this media BS that takes pieces of what he said, hyping up a Zep Reunion, following him around with cameras, etc, and making the five hundred thousandth "newest" Rolling Stone article. What we're seeing is the effects of overexposure. Be it interviews, news articles, or random videos. It's promising, and a little bit too much. Personally, I keep to dabbling in historical LZ stuff because it's a guaranteed enjoyment. The future? That's a mystery.
  2. Haha, that's right. The cryptic nature of LZ is what keeps me infinity interested in them.
  3. I love Zeppelin's early 70's era. Absolutely adore it. You can really see the connection between themselves and their audience in RAH. The energy, the freshness, the character. I've always been wanting to find a good quality video of them playing live 1971 or early 72'.
  4. It's coming along, I can tell you that. Obviously, there's no way it's "truthful" because it's a rearrangement, but it's more honest than the mock footage itself. I don't know, I don't want to rush things, but let's say around the holidays this year. Perhaps LZF and I can work together and throw out a full cut or something along that by then. It's really a professional job so far, but to ensure that level of quality is consistent throughout the whole film we've got to give it a lot of intimate time to develop. We have, of course, so it's a definite prospect to look forward to!
  5. Only on Mondays, Tuesdays , Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Oh yeah, and on Sundays. Did I say Saturday? That too.
  6. Right and right. But delay? I don't think so...I hear NO ounce of delay in TSRTS but I could be wrong. An extremely small amount of reverb never hurts though - as it was in the Garden, an arena. (You obviously wouldn't want any digital reverb if you were playing live though...). Great tips though. PS: Welcome to the Forum my friend! Glad another TSRTS guy around here :-)
  7. I was in a Zep cover band (and some van halen stuff) when I was in high school, called "Work In Progress" . We weren't bad either if I might say. Just didn't last long . good memmories.
  8. Just another day in the city. Even though I live in Brooklyn, I get to stay at a hotel in times square for a business thing. Not bad either.
  9. There are tabs....but using your ear is the best tool you can refine. It's frustrating at first, I sometimes use Amazing Slow Downer or similar programs to hear it bit by bit. You kind of have to "feel" Page's playing, and translate that to yours.
  10. Topics like this are particularly sensitive, usually I don't put my thoughts into them but I will regarding the 9/11 attacks being a lifetime New York-er, around 14 at the time it all happened. The idea is that controlled demolition was the cause of the twin towers collapsing, which is made out to seem really convincing to viewers on youtube, make logical conclusions, use persuasive rhetoric....the list goes on. But I choose not to believe it (it's rather absurd) for several reasons. The quickest way to disprove most of them is simply by searching google images and taking a fast look yourself. This guy, Myles who I know via his blogs does an excellent series of videos (7 parts) disproving all of the conspiracies. Before you have infinite "truth" from a conspirator, I recommend you watch all seven of these, objectively and scientifically so. Definitely worth your time, well made for one guy. The end bit of the psychology of conspirators I found quite interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmIjDfpTeMc&list=PLcIKuuE3KJDHEHIGtNKx-nQervL8OGjaD Again, these topics get VERY hostile. That's why I'm not going any farther with this. Sad, eh that's a part of life though. I only write all of this because it came up here, and since I'm from the area, wanted to put my thoughts out.
  11. Music Hall MMF-5 ...oh yeah, and a Sony PS-LX300USB
  12. -11 a few days ago in NYC. Chicago's got it worse...
  13. TSRTS - re-edit to original to release early 2014.

  14. I made this in photoshop today (in 10 minutes haha) trying to depict TSRTS through LZ's characters. Not really "funny" except Robert's face of course :-) Let me know what you think of my "attempt" for my first (and somewhat shitty) PS image. I'm still proud of how it turned out though.
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