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  1. CarlJones

    Breaking Bad

    Man King Zoso, you are quite the fanboy. BB was a good show but there have and currently are better shows. I would say House of Cards is the best series of the last 20 years, much much better than BB on many levels but that is only my opinion and I am sure not going to post endless diatribe regarding the show. Just because I like it does not mean it has to completely consume my life.
  2. I really do not understand all the hostility and innuendo toward my post, it was a simple question, that's all. And, I did post the source of the quote, an interview in the 2012 documentary Sunset Strip (you can even watch it on YouTube) which traces the history of the Strip from the 1920's to present day. I am not making this up, I am simply looking for clarity. Further, I never even offered any opinion whatsoever about Sharon Osbourne.
  3. What is your issue with the fact I have only 13 posts? I have been on this board since day one, I just happen to change things up a bit from time to time. Never been one of those type who cares about post counts but I guess you do.
  4. So sorry I am not on your time schedule, I happen to have a real life. Anyway, the movie is a documentary and is called...Sunset Strip, released 2012 directed by Hans Fjellestad Happy now??? Anyway, Sharon goes on about how Zeppelin were nothing but animals, brutal animals who had no respect for anyone.
  5. Question: What is Sharon Osbourne's problem with Zeppelin? I just recently viewed a documentary about the history of the Sunset Strip. There were several sections where she is being interviewed in The Rainbow and every time she bashes Zeppelin, calling them animals and garbage for doing the same shenanigans as every other band at the time. What is her problem?
  6. I think you mean relevant. Anyway, they won for best rock album. Not bad at all!
  7. You wanna know who killed Elvis? Elvis!!! Bad choices, dope, and a 800 cholesterol count.
  8. Running on Empty was released in 77' so don't know how that is relevant to ITTOD. I always thought ITTOD was a great album, but than again I embrace change and diversity. As was said above, you have one AC/DC or Ramones album, you got em all. Regarding basic rhythm playing by Page I disagree. A good composer writes exactly what the song needs, nothing more. If the track requires a simple rhythm arrangement that is what they do. It is just important what you leave out of a song as it is what you leave in.
  9. I would say regarding all members at once 71' - 73.' However I feel Robert's voice in 77' was the best period. Why? His voice had the most power overall, maybe not the range of 72' but much more powerful than 72' IMO. Just listen to that section of BCW on LTTE when he goes into the verse before they segue into BYAS...Holy shit!!! So, all said and done, 73' as a group, 73' - 75' for Page & Bonham, Jones was always perfect, and 77' for Robert.
  10. She is great, reminds me of a cross between Joni & Fionna Apple.
  11. Sounds great until one blows up in the upper atmosphere and contaminated the whole globe. Oh, an BTW...Attention west coast dwellers, a radioactive wave is heading for the west coast and will be here by tomorrow. Surfs up!!! Ps. I would be for nuclear if they would simply build the new design which cannot melt down and produces almost zero waste material, but they will not do that, even though they also cost less to build and produce more power. I guess they are sore that the inventor of the new design was only 16 years old at the time he invented the design about eight years ago.
  12. All the live performances sound great to me, especially the 80' tour. However the arrangement they did for the O2 was amazing and sounded very, very good.
  13. CarlJones


    The thing is his system did not work for him, not really. He could not control himself and lived a life completely contrary to the Thelemic creed which ultimately destroyed him, leaving him a shell of a drugged out man.
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