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  1. 10 ribs, bathroom sound, walter's walk (rough mix), bonzo's montreux, moby dick, st tristan's sword, no quarter, la la
  2. The one that Rolling Stone Magazine posted had a different opening. It opened with that "descending riff" and into the circulating or main riff
  3. Hi im new to this forum and i hope this topic is posted in the right place. In february of last year Rolling Stone Magazine recently unveiled unreleased versions of In the Light and Kashmir that were being put up for auction. Heres the link: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/listen-to-unreleased-led-zeppelin-tapes-for-physical-graffiti-20140227 Do any of you have a copy of the unreleased version of kashmir or know where i can find it?
  4. If you could create your own symbol, what would it look like?
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