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  1. hpoe they will do the same in holland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. batsie


    greetings from Holland. i'm Bert, 50 years (a real die hard) and i saw Zep in '80 in ahoy netherlands. let me say it was greeeeeeaaaaat
  3. i know, i put this one on the wrong place
  4. they did a gig in august and it was super i dont know why, but they canceld the rest of the european tour. what a pitty
  5. queensryche on the 14th of december in holland but they canceld the tour. f**k man next to my house. what a shame!!!!
  6. i like the stuf with ozzy most, but the "rulles of the mobs" is my fav. Ozzy's voice belongs to sabbath. you cant replace him
  7. my favourite is 2112 i saw them 4 weeks ago. great great great
  8. new rock 93.3 playing aerosmith "sweet emotion" i luv it
  9. 18 of july 1957 (a real diehard)
  10. its not a secret if you know it and share it with us . And why should it be a secret so let us know!!!!
  11. thats right man!! comon zep dont let us down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. why, why, why are they doing one concert. millions and millions of people are waiting for this moment, and now they are letting us down to do one gig. I can understand that they wont do a world tour, but at least they can please the people with a few more gigs.
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