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  1. He was born in West Bromwich. Hiding behind the curtains, pretending to be Elvis, peering at the audience and about to enter the stage. It all started there. Full circle? Robert Plant will play at this year’s Black Deer Festival in Sussex. http://blackdeerfestival.com/line-up/saving-grace-ft-robert-plant-suzi-dian/ He'll be 72 in August. Am aware that Bob Dylan told him to keep going. And am aware that Plant has said before, that he'll keep going until he drops in some hotel in Kalamazoo. But, curious what others think? . P.S. Saw Bob Dyl
  2. Not a big Howard Stern fan, but congratulations to him on this interview. Howard managed to get some excellent information out of Robert. Excellent. Howard is genuine with his questions, no foul language ... absolute pleasure to listen to. Robert was there to plug his new album, yet Howard deflected the time, and kept asking him questions. Really fun interview. Plant is an absolute gentleman with a personality that is infectious.
  3. Congratulations! WOW what a thrill that must have been for you! Do you have website for your amps?
  4. Whoaa, these are some really big heavy weights in their respected industry. Harvey Weinstein basically owns a huge percent of Hollywood. Bill Clinton is a member of the most elite club in the world. And, Saltzman's Robin Hood Foundation is huge too. Yet the boys turned down the invitation. Maybe an invitation from Queen Elizabeth herself might change their minds? ********** NEW YORK, N.Y. – It’s a diplomatic failure at the highest level: Bill Clinton couldn’t get Led Zeppelin to reunite. The CBS “60 Minutes Overtime” webcast reported Monday that the forme
  5. Might be old to some, but I saw this link this morning. What do Star Wars, Led Zeppelin & blogging have in common? http://paper.li/markevans Author has some interesting comparisons on Zeppelin staring at 1:38 into his video. Here is the video ------------------>
  6. Best Plant interview I have read in years!! AWESOME. Thanks very much for posting.
  7. Is this it (just 15 dates) or will there be a second leg to this tour?
  8. Steve LMAO! Steve you crack me up! Nice quote.
  9. Steve LMAO! Steve you crack me up! Nice quote.
  10. As per one local report; Jan 18th tentative date for Toronto. Cheers,
  11. Interesting that it won't be till "early next year", considering his North American media/promotions tour starts on Sept 13th and should last the week. On Oct 14th he starts the European tour in Stockholm, Sweeden. His European tour tentatively ends Nov 2nd (unless more dates are announced). Based on what I remember about his past tours, Plant would play right up till just a few days before Christmas. Buddy Miller knows more than anyone of us would know, but I wouldn't be surprised if some North American dates were announced for Nov/Dec of this year (pure speculation on my p
  12. Sam, What's the latest regarding more North American dates?
  13. "It's not as if I'm Mick Jagger and I keep going back to the Rolling Stones every time I have a project that doesn't work. I mean, you've got to keep moving along. " Love it!!!!!
  14. I have had the pleasure and luck of meeting Plant at least three separate times. He was always very approachable and extremely kind. He was always a gentleman beyond my wildest imagination.
  15. I have met Plant a few times over the past 20 years or so. And have met Jimmy Page once. The one thing that strikes me about them is, they are gentleman beyond your wildest dreams. Plant is sincerely a nice, humble and a complete gentleman. I posted in a thread some time ago my encounter with them.
  16. Thanks Steve, Explains everything now. Cheers,
  17. Steve Ladurantaye Globe and Mail Update Published on Monday, Nov. 23, 2009 8:15PM EST Last updated on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009 6:35AM EST Andreas Apostolopoulos didn't expect to actually win when he mailed in a low-ball bid for an abandoned 88,000-seat stadium in suburban Detroit. After spotting an auction ad in the back of a newspaper only weeks ago, he decided to bid $583,000 (U.S.) for the Pontiac Silverdome, the former home of football's Detroit Lions. The president of Toronto-based Triple Properties Inc. put a $250,000 deposit in the mail, with only online documents from the auction
  18. Beautiful elegant house. http://search.knightfrank.com/hfd080105
  19. Educated guess here. Will be either Strange Sensation or Alison Krauss.
  20. Steve, You are a wealth of information. Thanks again,
  21. This is interesting. Must be some very legal fine print there. Maintaining control on future Zeppelin decisions, yet receiving no money from the first 10 Led Zeppelin albums/cds after 1983.
  22. Steve, Thanks very much for your quick reply. I always enjoy reading your posts; ALWAYS full of excellent worthy information too. I'm starting to see things differently now. Cheers,
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