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  1. He was born in West Bromwich. Hiding behind the curtains, pretending to be Elvis, peering at the audience and about to enter the stage. It all started there. Full circle? Robert Plant will play at this year’s Black Deer Festival in Sussex. http://blackdeerfestival.com/line-up/saving-grace-ft-robert-plant-suzi-dian/ He'll be 72 in August. Am aware that Bob Dylan told him to keep going. And am aware that Plant has said before, that he'll keep going until he drops in some hotel in Kalamazoo. But, curious what others think? . P.S. Saw Bob Dylan concert a few years ago. Worst concert I've ever been to. Was invited by a friend who won tickets from a radio station. Even die hard Dylan fans next to us, were majorly disappointed.
  2. Not a big Howard Stern fan, but congratulations to him on this interview. Howard managed to get some excellent information out of Robert. Excellent. Howard is genuine with his questions, no foul language ... absolute pleasure to listen to. Robert was there to plug his new album, yet Howard deflected the time, and kept asking him questions. Really fun interview. Plant is an absolute gentleman with a personality that is infectious.
  3. Unfortunately, WMG (Warner Music Group) and VG (Vonage) probably had one of the worst timed IPO's in a long long long time. March 2006 WMG stock starts trading, where Joe Public can buy it around $20s and goes to $30's in a few very short weeks. Then it starts to tank, and tank and tank all the way to down to its eventual bottom of $1.50s March 2009. Today WMG trades in the low $5 range. VG (Vonage)did a mass mailing in the beginning of 2006 to their existing customer base telling them they will go public and they could buy shares in the company's product they use. Retail customers buy like no tomorrow. The day it opens, Wall Street pro's short the snot out of it and it tanks horribly on its first two days drops like a led balloon losing 33% in just two days! Vonage starts calling their retail clients, who now have just lost 33% in two days! Retail clients start saying "no way! I just lost 32% in two days and you want me to give you the thousands of dollars I told you I would give you?" It got ugly! VG never looked back and just kept tanking and tanking and taking till March 2009 where it bottom around $0.25s. Today VG trades in the mid $1.50s range. As bad as all this might sound, at least with WMG and VG are still around. I have seen company's issue an IPO and within a few months go bk. Sorry if I got off topic a bit. Just thought some mind find this story interesting.
  4. I trade stocks for a living and have cnbc tv on in my office 12 hrs a day. I'm also in a live stock chat room with about 700 other day traders. I remember that morning he was at the exchange and playing the intro to "whole lotta love". Bob Pisani, the cnbc NYSE floor reporter reported that many floor traders knew the day before that Page was coming the next morning and brought in their old Zeppelin albums hoping for to have Page sign them. Even the guys in the chat rooms I hang out with couldn't believe Page was there. It brought back great memories for those who saw Zeppelin live in the 70s.
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