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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm fussy on snares, thought JBs was sounding pretty good
  2. There's nothing digital about a PC pedalboard; the FX are hardwired into a buffered bypass system. There's an article on JPs board on PCs website
  3. I don't think so. But it used to belong to Chuck Berry, so maybe he did!
  4. Most of that info is readily available w/ a little searching JBs kit: Ludwig Yellow Vistalite 26"x14" Kick Drum 14"x10" Mounted Tom 16"x16" Floor Tom 18"x16" Floor Tom 36" Timpani Snare ??? Zildjian Cymbals 14" High Hats 16" Crash 18" Crash 24" Ride 42" Gong JPJ Andy Manson custom Fender Precision (year??) SWR SM-900 amp cabs ?? (used to use SWR Goliath/Big Ben) Korg Oasys Novation ?? synth no idea what bass pedals he was using
  5. This is all I know of Jimmy's gear for the reunion show: Gibson LP #1 - standard tuning -1 tone (D) Gibson LP #2 - standard tuning Gibson ES350 - open G Gibson LP Custom "Black Beauty" (3 p/u, Bigsby custom 6 way switch) - standard tuning Gibson EDS1275 - both necks standard tuning -1 tone (D) Gibson LP (cherry b-bender) - DADGAD Giffen LP - standard tuning -1 tone (D) bow Transperformance LP - standard tuning 2 x Orange AD?? (gtrs) 2 x Petersburg JP-100 (gtrs) 2 x Marshall SLP 1959 (gtrs) 2 x Orange AD?? (theremin) Pete Cornish Input Selector and Line Driver (off stage) Pete Cornish pedalboard comprising - Amp "Lead" switch MXR Phase 90 Yamaha CH-10Mk II Chorus Boss CE-2 Chorus Cry Baby Wah-Wah Digitec WH-1 Whammy Linear Boost Send / Return to Spare FX #1 Send / Return to Spare FX #2 Send / Return to Echoplex EP3 There was a 2nd Whammy balanced atop the pedalboard, I don't know why
  6. The show would have been recorded by the FOH (front of house) team, meaning that the tapes will be comprised of the feeds from each individual microphone, instrument etc. Any unpleasant or unwanted characteristics of the venue would be minimal and can almost always be sorted out in post-production. There are many fine recordings of bands in less-than-ideal venues. It's more and more common for FOH mixes to be pressed straight to CD as a tour memento; The Who, Crowded House and others have had excellent results with this experiment. Given JP's careful and thorough attention to every sonic detail on recent and historical releases, if LZ decide to release a recorded version of the AE tribute show, I can't imagine that the results will be anything less than spectacular
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