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  1. I think the title is self explanatory, I don't want to contact and agent on his behalf or anything, I would like to make contact with him, via email or snail mail or something and just thank him for the music.
  2. I tried telling that to my wife, but she still won't let me wear her jeans
  3. Yeah defiantly his fashion from 65-70 was my favorite.
  4. I'd love one of those pink velvet suits
  5. I've heard that, but more of a genre I'm after I guess, psyhedlic mod maybe?
  6. Just curious what would you guys classify jimmy pages fashion style as, in the yardbirds abd early zeppelin, the pink velvet suit to royal Albert hall skinny jeans and argyle vest?
  7. So much live zep went unrecorded.... So sad, it makes baby Jesus cry.
  8. Thanks, I've seen most of those, but a couple of great ones in there I haven't seen. I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of this guitar. This wAs in fact Jimmy's real number 1 guitar! And I think that if it weren't stolen, things would have been dramatically different in the sunburst les paul trends that followed zep. When I think of Jp and his guitars I think of this one first, followed by his dragon telecaster, his red deluxe THEN his 1959 standard and 58.
  9. Anyone got any pics of page playing his 3 pickup black les paul custom? The earlier the better! Cl
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