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  1. A great musician and human being... can't wait to listen to his new record! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJZFb6LJ3PY
  2. Dinosaur Jr - Farm First time listening to this band, sounds a lot like the 90's but I'm liking it a lot!
  3. It's funny because I've been listening to some songs from this album too in the past 2 days. I haven't listened to whole post-zeppelin catalog of Page, Plant or Jones but I think that Jimmy is just great on this one. It's not a great record but it's a must for any serious LZ fan on the strength of Jimmy's guitar work alone.
  4. Pink Floyd are one of the early bands I remember listening to, especially the "Wish You Were Here" album. One thing I never understood though was the fascination with Syd Barrett, sure he's a good musician and his life was shrouded in mystery, to me the remaining members along with Gilmour created Pink Floyd's best work, in my opinion anyway.
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