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  1. Can somebody please put this thread out of it's misery? I thought it was funny at the beginning but it's gone way past that now...
  2. Got what I paid... ...plus a little extra for some beers!
  3. Whoa... Ticket's gone... ...now bring on the concert!
  4. Hi all, I might have a spare ticket... I don't want silly money for it... Get in touch...
  5. We should also warn our international visitors that if somebody asks them if they want a "spotted dick" they're not suggesting anything dodgy!!
  6. Do you think Jimmy might do a Keith Richards and light up on stage? I hope so! Also, to our international friends, this kind of thing might attract unwanted attention...
  7. It's going to be fantastic being part of a group that's just experienced an amazing gig, I just want to do something more than walk around London... Maybe find the nearest pub to the O2 and demand a lock-in!
  8. ...and what about telling our international friends that we drive on the left side of the road over here? We don't want them getting run over when they cross the road for a smoke!
  9. Thank you for your views...I'm hoping there will be some people at the concert whose idea of a good time is something mroe than a glass of sherry before bed time at 9:30!! I have more faith in Led Zep fans to keep it together, they've been rockin since the 70's so I'm pretty sure they know their limits...
  10. My thoughts exactly... I would invite everyone back to my place but it would piss my housemates off!
  11. "You can t just walk around London, it is far to big, and some parts are just not safe." I couldn't agree more, that's one of the reasons I started this topic so that people can have a plan after the show, instead of walking aruond Dazed and Confused I know that once the oncert is done, the last thing I want to do is go straight home...
  12. Hi Again, Just a quick note, the last tube from North Greenwich station back into town is at 12:15am... 4 days to go...
  13. Hi guys, I've got a similar thread going called "Where to go before and after the concert for non-VIP's", I'm having a look around and if I find anything I'll post it on there.
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