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  1. 7/24/79 is a really good show and one of my favorite post 73 concerts. I'd listen to that over the much overrated (IMO of course) Knebworth shows of 1979 any day. Jimmy was playing so well here. Strange how something like 8/11/79 can happen just a few weeks after such a solid show.
  2. Favorites Immigrant Song 70-71 Thank You 71 Whole Lotta Love Medleys 71-72 As Long As I Have You 69 Dazed 69-March 73 No Quarter 73 SIBLY 70-72 Stairway 71-72
  3. http://mixonline.com/recording/interviews/...elin/index.html Found the article. The very last paragraph, Shirley talks about TYG.
  4. I believe it would have, but they didn't have Jimmy's guitar track when they were putting togather the DVD material. I remember reading a Kevin Shirley interview about it, with him saying something about Jimmy switching to an amp that wasn't miked during TYG.
  5. I'll take OTH from the 72 US tour over most anything after. Although Jimmy has some wicked guitar solos in a few 73 and 73 versions, the big hook for me with that song is the vocals. IMO, summer 72 tops all.
  6. I personally don't mind the editing either. But if I could change anything about the official releases, I'd also add in a lot more of Plant's jabbering between songs.
  7. Even then, taste is still subjective no matter how you narrow down the categories or generes. The is no "best", period.
  8. One of the best, but not the best. Actually, there is no "best' guitarist. There is such a wide range of criteria one would have to judge by, one could make a good argument for "best" with a large number of guitarists. If we're putting a heavy emphasis on technique for example, you couldn't make as strong of a case for Page against lets say, Steve Vai. But at the same time if we put a heavy emphasis on feel, someone like Hendrix IMHO blows Vai out of the water. And so on.... It all depends on how you lok at it. I perfer to simply have my favorites, and leave the who's best debates for the rock magazines when they're looking to fill a few empty pages.
  9. I'm not going to choose which one was "better", as I enjoy both, but I think its worth noting how much the band changed in just a year's time. And I don't mean that in a "Plant's voice changed" kind of way. Listen to Over The Hills from each release. Both are amazing versions, each a highlight of its own respective album. Each very different, yet equally powerful. To listen to a 25 minute Dazed from HTWWW (compared to the 6 min studio version), one might think they stretched that song out as far as it will go. Yet a year later, the song once again has a different and unique feel. It's nice to listen to bands that constantly push themselves with their live shows, always looking for their boundries.
  10. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I like A-1 Steak Sause on my turkey. Weird? Yes. But oh soooo good.
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