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    playing the guitar, writing songs, drawing, reading, cooking, blinding myself with science
  1. Those are amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing them!
  2. Happy 70th Birthday to the greatest guitarist ever! Thank you for all the great music, and for being such an inspiration to so many musicians. We love you Jimmy!!
  3. Let's Build a Home - The White Stripes
  4. In no particular order- 1. Achilles Last Stand 2. The Rain Song 3. Ten Years Gone 4. The Rover 5. How Many More Times 6. Kashmir 7. Dancing Days 8. Bron-Yr-Aur 9. Dazed and Confused 10. Since I've Been Loving You
  5. Tired Of Waiting For You - The Kinks
  6. ^ That is definitely going to be my new desktop wallpaper.
  7. That was a very cool message from Jimmy. I'm sure those "companion discs" will be interesting!
  8. Down By the River-Neil Young
  9. I've been working on Bron-Y-Aur Stomp for the past week or so. I almost have the intro down!
  10. I had a bigger problem with The Edge being in the movie than Jack White, to be honest. Of all the guitarists from the 80's-90's era, they chose him?! He's a mediocre guitarist who never did anything that was groundbreaking or different (besides not knowing how to play without using delay for everything), unlike Jimmy Page and Jack White. Why they chose to have him in there alongside the two of them, I have no idea. Maybe he was there for comic relief.
  11. The last sculpture in the group picture of them looks sort of like a garbage bag. I wonder what Jimmy's reaction would be if he saw these...
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