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  1. I could squeeze that lemon all day (night) long.  And never get tired of it.  This is how I'd make him feelimage.jpg.ad71edb2afd9eaf3a8177dabd68d7892.jpg

  2. What a fantastic body! I want some of that!!
  3. Oh, my God!!! This man just made me a very happy woman!!!
  4. Thank you for all, Robert Plant! May you have a very happy birthday!
  5. Earl`s Court, maybe? Looks to me that way, anyway, gorgeous as ever!!!
  6. Yes, I think this is Robert indeed, because I`ve seen the picture before, I don`t know about the execesses... maybe he was just having a great time! After all they were pretty young back then, we all did foolish things in our youth, didn`t we??!!
  7. I guess so, it's the same bracelet either. I really, really want to take a closer look at that belt buckle though, just to be sure:))
  8. Ohhhhhhhhhh, myyyyyyyy!!! The way Robert looks in these pictures takes your breath away for good! This is a man to die for:)
  9. How was it backstage, Jessica?
  10. Happy many birthdays, Mr. Page!!!
  11. Happy New Year to you all!!
  12. Merry Christmas to you all, ladies!!
  13. To me he looks just tired. "Get some sleep, Robert, I'll help you with that!":))
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