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  1. I received this book yesterday. It's a great read. Has many different reactions, stories, etc. about the band and the O2 show. I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Ritz (Zep's original Scandinavian tour manager) at the hotel we were staying at. We talked for a long time about his time driving the boys around from gig to gig. Jerry's wife Annie took a nice picture of us which Frank Reddon graciously put in the book (page 71 ... inserts shameless plug). I highly recommend this book to all on this board. Cheers!
  2. I've been thinking about doing something like this. Thanks for the pics. Your display looks great!
  3. Hey Supernaut Merry Christmas to you! That was a great time we all had at the Britania. Cheers.
  4. 2 Tickets: $550.00 2 Airfare: $1,600.00 Hotel: $1,000.00 Airfare Change: $1,100.00 (Thanks for nothing British Airways) T-Shirts, etc.: $240.00 Foof & Bev: $400.00 Cab Ride from LHR to International: $160.00 TOTAL COST: $5,050.00 Worth every penny!
  5. Pro Tools is PC based software used in the recording industry. It is used primarily for music production / post-production.
  6. I believe they won tickets in the first ballot. I aksed him if he was going to try and contact the band while here byt he said no, that it was a long time ago and he has not spoken with them since. I don't know, personally, I would have been all over that.
  7. As if this trip could not get any better, we were staying at the Britannia International hotel until Wednesday. On Tuesday evening, a couple of guys from Calgary and I were having some pints in the bar. We ran into a married couple from Denmark and two guys from Philladelphia. The guy from Denmark is named JERRY RITZ. We start talking about music and during our conversation, he informs me that he was Zep's tour manager in 1968 & 69 on the Scandinavian tour. He tells us stories about driving the band around from gig to gig in a van. Holy shit, you have got to be kidding me! I believed every
  8. Oh BTW, Canuck22 and loopstart are the same person ... me ... again, just needed to be very careful not to do anything that would jeapordize this trip.
  9. Hi Eternal Light, AlltheKings and Aqua, Thanks very much. I had to be careful about saying too much before the show. HG's office stepped up and transferred both tickets into my name. I ended up taking a frind from Calgary. Man was he surprised to get that phone call. We had a blast. Here is a link about the whole trip if anyone is interested: http://www.canada.com/langleyadvance/news/...82-03e9271e9e14 Cheers All!
  10. Rob, what concert did you actually go to last night? I went to the one at the O2 where at the end of the show, everyone was walking out saying wholly f*cking sh*t, that was a religious experience! Absolutely amazing! ... you sir are a moron.
  11. Coming from Vancouver, British Columbia ... 7627 KM
  12. Have not heard anything about Saturday but I'm up for anything!
  13. Got this message this morning from the O2: Dear all, I have a very small allocation of tickets for Led Zeppelin (Monday 10th December) & Bruce Springsteen (19th December). However this will only be available to VIP Club members signing up to the new Jan-Dec 2008 term. If the VIP Club is still of interest and you want to secure these tickets, please feel free to give me a call on 079 853 72081. For more details on membership please see http://www.info.theo2.co.uk/vip/hwindex.html . Best, Hilton Hilton Williams The O2 AEG Europe 25 Canada Square Canary Wharf London,
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