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  1. Why should he go downhill just because he switched guitars?
  2. More old farts back together THIS year. Def Leppard, with Whitesnake as support band! Any thoughts?
  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else reckon that vinyl sounds better than CDs?
  4. I bought Hammer Of The Gods when it first appeared at the booksellers, and quite enjoyed reading it. I re-read it a few weeks ago, and i still enjoyed reading it, as i love accounts of bands on the road in the USA. Ian Hunter's Diary Of A Rock 'N' Roll Star was something in the same vein, but although a decent read, is far inferior to HOTG.
  5. I agree with you there mate, but over here in the UK, it's 12.08, and with all the fireworks going off on the park across the road, it's a bit like being on the edge of a war zone! Happy 2008.
  6. It definitely IS a subliminal message, saying "Satan likes to wear a bikini". After hearing it, i became a Born Again Christian next day, as i was so frightened!
  7. I think that Jimmy must have cleaned his act up by 1984, as i was lucky to have witnessed a gig by him and Roy Harper in the tiny lounge of The St. Ives Hotel in Lytham St. Annes ( i live in Preston, and it's only down the road! ). Roy had moved back to live in Lancashire, and he became a director of the hotel, and he also built The Boilerhouse studio in the basement. As far as i'm aware, "Whatever Happened To Jugula" was recorded there. To cut a long story shortish, Roy did a very poor gig at The Bierkeller, Blackpool, ( the new equipment kept breaking down! ), and he gave out tix for a futur
  8. blimp

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I remember this from the 70's. NME ran a competition to win that Gretsch guitar seen in the photo. On the front of the paper was Jimmy in front of some cricket stumps, holding the guitar like a bat! There must have been an interview in the paper as well. I think that i entered the comp, but didn't win ( the story of my life! ). Roy Harper is a big Cricket fan, and i'm wondering whether Jimmy was influenced by him?
  9. It isn't Pink Floyd on tour next year, it's just Roger Waters, plus his band members.
  10. Ok, thanks for the info Knebby. I'm a big fan of Roy's, and i'm glad that he was invited, and i hope that he enjoyed the show, as i hope that you did too!
  11. I've never seen any of the footage from the US Ahmet show. Do you think that it's worth buying the book/programme just to get hold of the CD?
  12. I don't have one of the show programmes, so i was wondering which artists are on the CD that came with the programme. If you've watched it yet, is there much footage of Crosby, Stills, Nash + Young, or maybe just Neil Young solo? Thanks.
  13. Had Jerry Ritz been invited to the show, or had he attended the gig anyway, OR was it just a total coincidence that he was in London and that he was staying at the same hotel as yourself?
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