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  1. At the risk of getting struck down, people here have been pretty hard on JP lately both about him playing (or not) and this book signing deal. One thing that has consistently been acknowledged is his accessibility and patient attitude towards his fans. One thing that could explain this problem could be arthritis - I'm 9 years younger than Jimmy and man, I've got a hard time doing one signature any more never mind 250 of them. You would never know there was anything wrong by just looking at my fingers and yet if anyone has seen Keith Richards claws lately you would wonder how he could ever p
  2. Moody Blues also never inducted - their concept albums were considered prog rock. Many of their songs hardly fit into this category - Nights in White Satin, I'm Just a Singer in a Rock N Roll Band, Gemini Dream, Say it With Love and countless others. Like you say, what a farce!
  3. You guys are hilarious. BTW rumour has it that the Black Beauty has surfaced and will be turned over anonymously to Jimmy Page prior to the start of the Montreal show. It will be professionally tuned and ready to go.
  4. Dazed and Confused Rock 101.1 FM - they plays tons of Led Zeppelin
  5. Ugra, I share your feelings. Loved the video you put together and great playing - thank you.
  6. Next month Leonard Cohen is releasing an album of entirely new songs which coincides with his 80th birthday. Maybe there's hope for JP yet - after all isn't 70 the new 60?
  7. First run of wild sockeye salmon finally here! Baked whole and served with egg and parsley sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and new baby beets with their greens.
  8. Butter Chicken/Basmati Rice/Salsa/Roasted Zucchini CP, always enjoy reading your menu - obviously this is a passion for you. Must have one happy wife!
  9. A mug designed by Denby in England would have been really great!!! The Lucifer Rising tees look okay though.
  10. How do you post this? There's some very organized desktops on here - looking good.
  11. Thanks for sharing JG - this guy from Japan is amazing!!! Never heard any other cover that could capture the Zep feel so well - just closed my eyes to SIBLY and it was so eery. He's not a band per se but does various covers and posts them to you tube under larzgallows He's got the same problem as JP though - he's got no singer (although had a guest one for Going to California which was also excellent).
  12. The smell of a horse's nostrils literally takes my breath away. Somebody in the neighbourhood barbecuing. Apples baking in the oven. Sleeping on sheets that were dried in the sun on the clothesline. Angel perfume. Some of these posts just made me feel very hungry - others just made me laugh. .
  13. Porterhouse steak with brown butter, mushrooms and baked potato.
  14. Rock 101 in Vancouver aired Robert Plants recent BBC interview about upcoming issues then played Kashmir.
  15. Jimmy Page has a press release scheduled for Feb./2014 about boxed sets. http://bluesuburbanskies-liverpool.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/a-grammy-for-led-zeppelin-at-last.html
  16. Led Zeppelin up for 2 Grammy's for Kashmir and Celebration Day this Sunday for those who'd like to watch this live.
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