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    Guees What Led Zep ANYONE WOULD BE INTERESTED TO KNOW I have personalised RP autograph to me !!!!!
  1. I actually do have a BMW 3 series the only thing is its about 15 years old.Previously when I travelled in Europe a lot on business my company let me have use of a 7 series V8 quite a beast.I even got caughtg speeding in it in two different countries in one day LOL.
  2. It is looking very good for Xmas re Celebration Day under the tree.Hope I am still breathing by then. Well done Dave. Mee
  3. Are there any Forum Members living in UK who have heatrd of seen the great female Tribute band Lezzeppelin [i have seen them twice and in Steph they have a real Jimmy] Hopefully they are coming here in the Fall. Pleae share your experiences Albion The Old
  4. Still breathing

  5. Hi! I hope your doing well! Talk to you later!

  6. zzzzzzzzzzz

    1. paris '95

      paris '95

      These are the seasons of emotion and like the winds they rise and fall. This is the wonder of devotion- I see the torch we all must hold- This is the mystery of the quotient- Upon us a little rain must fall.." -The Rain Song

  7. Anyone ever heard weird unstrumental definetely by Led Zep no title recorded in their hey day was really weird sorry no name my son got it as dnld from INTERNET not You Tube but I lost it on change of PCs cheers

  8. Has this any relevance to LZ or am I in the wrong universe Paris 95
  9. how you doing are you going to see ''It Might Get Loud''

  10. great to see the mighty zep got to you aI am way down the other end of tunnel. But woul to love to talk about the GRBEVER can we be frends in here

  11. Do you like The Rover song as well love your guy with hat'Just got myself from Planetrock.com a T shirt with the ''Hermit' on its fine for my time of life
  12. I was so amazed when in '95 P n P opened with this number for their set in Paris love its strange sound Will they EVER tour again !!!!
  13. Can anyone help me locate this piece of curtain warmer it sounded olde englishe with its reference to gretchen times .But the feel of it was just so perfect for the intro song The Wanton one thnx .hehe Paris '95 PS Misty Mountain Hop
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