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  1. what a beautiful pic of Robert....
  2. congrats,it is great being a grandparent! i have 4 and love it.. you take care and enjoy! xoxo janet

  3. hello dodge,just stopping by to say hello.hope all is well with you..

    take care xoxo janet

  4. I found this photo on the net. couldn't find where to put it,I thought their was a groupie thread? sorry if this is in wrong place. but i have never seen this one. as wondering who the girl was.
  5. awsome drawings, very talented!
  6. AWSOME! you are very good!!
  7. GOOD GOD!!!! he is breathtaking!!! thanks for sharing!
  8. I would love to have one! where can you get it?????
  9. Love this one of him! makes me want to kiss him~
  10. He makes me weak!!!! I could look at him all day!!
  11. Hey sweet Pieter,

    Merry Christmas and happy new year! much love janet

  12. you have beautiful eyes,love the color!
  13. I love this one of Robert, he is so sexy here!
  14. That's The Way And yesterday I saw you kissing tiny flowers, But all that lives is born to die. And so I say to you that nothing really matters, And all you do is stand and cry. this one makes me sad,but i love the beauty in it!
  15. txjj44

    Roberts Jeans

    I agree, i love every inch of him! thanks for all the wonderful pics of him!! MORE!!!!!!!
  16. txjj44

    Roberts Jeans

    well it looks real to me!!!
  17. hey sexy! merry christmas and happy new year!!

    hope santa brings you something very special! :)

  18. hey sweety,

    merry christmas and happy new year!!!!!

  19. txjj44

    Roberts Jeans

    I hear ya, i am almost 51 and i am more in love with Robert today than i was at 12!!!! I have a problem! But I can't help myself! he is soooooo beautiful,Sexy! wish I could go back on the time machine I read about earlier too! Zeppelin is my band also,and Robert is the only man that drives me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. txjj44

    Roberts Jeans

    Hard to pick just one, I like so many of him!
  21. txjj44

    Roberts Jeans

    LOL, i know! my hubby is jealous the way i get over him...LOL he came in the room one day while i was watching a video of him and had his pants stuffed with a huge wad of clothes in the area!? LMAO! i about died!!!! he says see i can look like Robert Plant!
  22. I second that! it is awsome! he is so HOT!!!
  23. txjj44

    Roberts Jeans

    Robert is the most georgous man to ever be born!! thanks for all the wonderful photos of him! I adore him! he takes my breath away!!!!!!!
  24. hey sugar! didn't know you were here! MUAHHHH

  25. Great pics everyone! love seeing who is who on here! so here's my old mug! LOL
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