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  1. OK. How do you know? Can I get an answer soon, please? I hate posting too often to get an answer and I don't want to appear as a rude person or a troll on my first day. I'm just tired of looking for the answer.
  2. Still, it's an official bootleg. What about the Pearl jam official bootlegs? What about the Weezewr ones? Google "official bootleg." I need to know if the three I mentioned at the top are official, and I've spent a couple days trying to find the answer and for the freaking no one's telling me.
  3. What about Dream Theater's live Dark Side of the Moon? That's an album that is known as an "official bootleg."
  4. Then how do they become officially released? I would like to know because I help add albums to another site, and I sadly know squat about bootlegs. Actually, I do know Bob Dylan made the first bootleg. No one's answering my question again. I hope I don't seem stupid, but what does a bootleg need to go through for it to be released and still be called a bootleg? Is there more to it than someone finnaly deciding to release it?
  5. Ah.. There are so many threads I couldn't find that one. None of these answered my question. I looked through them, but I need a "yes" or "no" answer unless a little more complicated. I'm not planning on reading through a bunch of threads as I'm already busy with other things. Does a vinyl release automatically of a bootleg make the bootleg official?
  6. I've heard 3 bootlegs by Led Zeppelin recently. "Ballcrusher," "Don't Mess With Texas," and "Ottawa Sunshine." They've all been released on vinyl, and I need a question answered: does a vinyl release automatically make an album official as a bootleg? These albums are not rarely known about to trhe best of my knowledge. Also, let's talk about which Zeppelin Bootlegs we like. Personally, I likie all three of the bootlegs I've heard. They're all better than ITTOD (which I give a 70), but not as good as Physical Graffiti or The Song Remains the Same. All of these bootlegs can be found on YouTube.
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