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  1. I love the combo of getting a digital version with my analog. I was listening to TSRTS on vinyl last night and it sounded so good that I am going to buy a second copy and keep it sealed for 25 years so I can listen to a fresh copy then.
  2. I personally love the passion of this album. The CD sounds nice to me but I'm sure it would sound better on vinyl. I'm hoping that if we get a lot of "Yes" votes, that might sway Jimmy to release it. My ultimate dream vinyl would be for Jimmy to matrix this (85% soundboard/15% Audience). Can I get some "yes" votes???
  3. Vinyl was in good shape but the album covers has dents and creases. The sealed copies are too expensive. I'm getting Mothership on vinyl and when I win the lottery I'll buy the 200 gram sealed.
  4. zephead


    I would love a vinyl copy of HTWWW! Jimmy, make it so!
  5. From ebay, I scored a copy of CODA 200 gram for $35.00 (opened) and Presence 200 gram for $45.00 (opened). I'll take it. The pictures looked good. I'll clean the vinyl with 91% isopropyl and all will be good.
  6. I would like to add the 200 gram re-issue Led Zeppelin vinyl records to my collection, but they are out of my price range. Does anyone know how many copies were pressed? I see the LP's for sale on ebay, and when they don't sell, they get relisted for the same price. Why doesn't the price go down?
  7. I just got TSRTS on Vinyl. Awesome quality. I would love to hear How The West Was Won on Vinyl. Who's with me?
  8. I want to thank everyone that provided insight. I guess its as close to vinyl as we're going to get for now.
  9. I'm looking for expert opinions on Blu-ray for audio. Can it replicate the sonic quality of an LP? I know Neil young was planning to offer his catalog on Blue-ray cause he hates CD format.
  10. I tried the noise-canceling and the non-noise-canceling and did not hear a difference. My test was to clap my hands lightly near my ears. I heard the clapping on both. Did you hear a difference??
  11. I am looking for some headphone recommendations. I tried some Bose headphones and they sounded fantastic. If you have a pair that kicks ass, please let me know. Thanks. Mark
  12. EzyEric, Thanks for the headphones recommendation. I need a new pair. had a decent Sony pair in the 80's. I wa in the Bose store checking out some of their headphones. They sounded great. Enjoy the show.
  13. Got it and lovin it. I have a Marantz SR-73 receiver. It has Dolby Pro-logic, Matrix, Hall and Simulated Stereo. Sounds great cranked on Dolby Pro-logic. This is on par with Flying Circus in terms of sound quality. Haven't finished listening to the show yet but so far I love the performance. In Moby Dick the drums are panning from L to R wildly. Who did this? The soundboard guys? Anyone know??
  14. Just one. My avatar. It's 19 years old. no touchups yet. And it needs one. Cheers
  15. If the current band members gave me a vote(or votes), my 2 suggestions would be.. "Zeppelin" "Hammer Of The Gods"
  16. I have: SIRA Scorpio X-MAS Winston Winston and X-MAS are a tie for me. They sound fuller. More bass and less mid range. SIRA and Scorpio are a tie for second. All are very listenable. Just my opinion.
  17. Wow, too much money for me. I would really like some remastered live stuff.
  18. When it does, I hope it is released in Blue-Ray and 5.1 Surround sound.
  19. zephead

    Foo Zeppelin

    My suggestion is switch to Q104.3. Much better signal strength and better DJ's! Carol Miller rules. I posted the link 'cause it looked like a reliable source. Sorry if I mis"LED" anyone.
  20. zephead

    Foo Zeppelin

    From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/209...at-Wembley.html Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page joins Foo Fighters on stage at Wembley By Aislinn Simpson Last Updated: 11:17AM BST 09/06/2008 Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page joined Foo Fighters onstage at Wembley Stadium this weekend - adding fuel to rumours that the veteran rockers may launch a world tour. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl - formerly the drummer with Nirvana - told the 86,000-strong audience on Saturday that he had something special planned, saying: "Tonight this will be the show we are talking about for the nex
  21. Cool, my birthday is the 17th. Great present indeed!
  22. Just got "Snow Jobs". Sounds good on my computer speakers. Good litmus test! Can't wait to burn it.
  23. This is one of my favorite shows. Quality recording, great musicianship. My only quip is Roberts voice. If it was it top form, what a superb performance it would have been. I have 2 versions. "Flying Circus" and "Four Blocks In The Snow". The later is the matrix and the former is the SB. Right now I can't tell the difference on my computer speakers. I have to compare the versions on my stereo. Matrix mixes rock!
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