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  1. Today was the day the Silverdome was to be imploded. Makes me think back to the record attendance Zep show I saw there. Someday a video may surface... I hope so. Hot Rods in Pontiac is a very poor recording, but the energy of the show is just amazing. I still wonder why they were over an hour late...
  2. No doubt Jimmy was tipped off by any number of mates. It was a long shot. Nevison should have known the outcome before cleaning out his closet on a public auction house. I'm surprised other tapes of his are still available, especially Pink Floyd and Who. I doubt Jimmy called Ron...bad blood there, though Ron is, ahem, courteous in his remarks about the history of recording PG, and the band.
  3. . Never thought about that, but how appropriate! My birthday is Sunday, so this is a great gift. Thanks again Steve!
  4. Jimmy was tired, so was Bonzo. Their work on that album reminds me of someone hitting the time clock on their way into a factory job. Robert and JP alone couldn't hold it together. Sure Robert was seeking new directions on the album and was really experimenting. But it took Jimmy a long time to crawl out of his hole. Their zenith was truly IV, Houses and PG. Sure Presence and Out Door have a lot of great moments, but just listen to the rhythm guitar fills in All of my Love, very basic stuff and far below the level of guitar genius that Page had demonstrated previously...and found his wa
  5. This is great to see! Look forward to hearing it again and reliving the memories from a distant past... Dave
  6. Hmm, Don't recall anything cheesy about it. No, the reel is long gone, probably tossed out in the 80's. Strangely, the recording I made was really quite good for the time.
  7. I remember setting up an old Wollensak reel to reel with the mic pointed at some odd speakers of one of my first stereo sets to record a 1975ish interview of Robert and Jimmy promoting PG. I believe it may have been from Concerts West or similar. Anyhow, I listened to it a thousand times...they had remixed the songs, and for instance In the Light exploded into Kashmir, and it rocked so hard. I remember Robert enunciating Bron Yr Aur (he claimed Welsh for Golden Breasts). But that is about all I remember. Anyone remember that interview, or by any chance have a recorded copy? I've been sea
  8. I'll be in SF and Oakland in March, hopefully can see a few of these places!
  9. Not sure on the Lamborghini, do know he had a Pontiac Trans Am, and the car shown in the movie. Would be very cool to know what all cars he owned! Wonder if such a list exists? I'm a Porsche nut, wonder if he ever had one?
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