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  1. Wow I never heard In The Light with Jimmy and the Black Crows before...I think its great. Thanks BUK
  2. Dave Lewis may be the only one that they would (especially Jimmy) let write a biography
  3. I think it's the Peter Grant influence on them and their earlier mistrust with the music press that has lingered on over the years.
  4. 1. Physical Graffiti 2. Led Zeppelin IV 3. Houses of the Holy 4. Led Zeppelin II 5. Led Zeppelin III 6. Led Zeppelin 7. Presence 8. In Through The Out Door 9. Coda
  5. I hope Jimmy does something this year. In a selfish sort of way I believe he does owe us something. And this has nothing to do with Dave Lewis' sentiments.
  6. I vote for Earls Court. All I have to do is listen to the songs they played at both-
  7. Though Robert's voice was not at its strongest, overall Led Zeppelin at its peak for songwriting, popularity, addiction not affecting performance, and as a force both musically and business wise-1975
  8. Today: 1. Song Remains The Same 2. What Is and What Should Never Be 3. That's The Way 4. Over The Hills And Far Away 5. The Ocean 6. Trampled Under Foot 7. The Rover 8. Ten Years Gone 9. Achilles Last Stand 10. The Rain Song
  9. Its just not as strong as the other albums. I must say that for a long time Presence was my least favorite but now I rank Presence ahead of ITTOD
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