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  1. butlerhunt2

    1975 Soundboard list

    I really appoligize if this seems incredibly lazy but does anyone have a definitive list of every 1975 soundboard show out on bootleg, I know the majority of them but just want to make sure I've not missed any out.
  2. I'm going, that's all I can add to this
  3. butlerhunt2

    LA Forum 24th, 25th, 27th March 1975

    that would be a huge treat, a soundboard of one of these would wet my appetite much more than the remasters, apparently these were the best of the tour
  4. Does anyone know if there are any soundboard recordings of these shows?
  5. butlerhunt2

    1975 tone

    thanks man, great info, will check it out
  6. butlerhunt2

    The peak of Led Zeppelin

    the whole of the 75 tour
  7. over the hills and the rain song for me
  8. butlerhunt2

    The Firm

    hey guys, what were your views on The Firm, did you listen to their music, enjoy it? How did you think it lived up to in comparison with Zeppelin
  9. butlerhunt2

    bob geldof singer set to go into space

    was geldof against Zeppelin? He lives in the same town as me in england i met him, i read somewhere he wasnt.
  10. butlerhunt2

    Jimmy Page 2010s music

    Hi guys, this is the 5th year of this decade and Jimmy hasn't played live in 4 of them. About a month ago he was in a studio going over "experimental sound adventures". what these were we don't know we've heard nothing since, what's your take, will he play live in '15 or is that it, will he never make music again. He's said he will be next year but he's said that since 2011, what do you think is there anything to come now the Zeppelin stuff is done?
  11. often thought this myself, Germany may be a powerful and economically strong country but it rarely gives us something with great art or expression starting from 1970 compared to England, who knows. national personality? maybe we're the most creative? However I must state that Americans go hand in hand with this as well, they've produced some fantastic creative forces and took Led Zeppelin in by the storm, Ireland also. I tend to ask this question by saying why is it people with English as their first language tend to be the most creative and artistic? Rock and roll was created by all of us for one. Very interesting point.
  12. butlerhunt2

    1975 tone

    1975 tone, any additional gear needed, how do you get it? thanks
  13. butlerhunt2

    1980 Tour

    frankfurt for me
  14. butlerhunt2

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Nassau Coliseum, st valentines day 1975