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  1. Thanks guys! We're still working on them, as they don't sound perfect yet... far from it.
  2. We're kind of a new band, but have plenty of experience between each of us. We're based out of Southampton, England and we're called Superdrone - our sound is stadium drone rock/blues, with a zeppelin-like attitude. These are 3 pro to-type tracks, if you will, until we're overall happy. I'm the drummer, btw! Would love any feedback, or suggestions. (First Three) SUPERDRONE: Enjoy!
  3. Yeah, I've been getting that a lot lately... :/ If only you were all Facebook friends. If you feel like adding me, I'm currently under the name Al Akbar Hudson. Don't ask why haha
  4. Just did this raw take of Achilles Last Stand. Quality isn't amazing but it's a gradual process to clarity Oh and you can actually SEE me now.
  5. Hey there! Thanks for replying. I've actually done another rough take in a rehearsal room and managed to upload it to YouTube, along with the above studio take which is also there now rather than via the dreaded Dropbox. You can check them both out on my channel dude here: https://youtu.be/q9RxcRsF1p8
  6. What a great post, feller. You've highlighted some of the simple aspects that truly were the secrets to his sound. I particularly can concur on your observation of the way he played the snare drum as I do exactly the same thing. I also habitually rim shot the snare drum, and have done since I was a kid, but for that habit I'd have to thank the influence of Dave Grohl(of whom is also a massive Bonham fan), but it was when I began listening and learning from Bonham's playing that really taught me to play that way with finesse. The difference between those two examples; Grohl and Bonham, is exact
  7. I get what you're saying. I would have to conclude that to avoid any wrist injuries, just learn a better technique haha.
  8. Hey, thanks Mithril I would say that it is the other way around. The lower tuned you have the drums, the more resistance you get when striking them. That's what I've found anyway. Like I said, the higher the bottom skin is tuned, you get less resistance and more sensitivity, or bounce for your stick which means you play much faster and with more ease.
  9. I would have quoted you in the same post as the last but I can't do it properly via this phone, I really hate it! Haha. But yeah, you're right on the money with that. The other good thing (in my opinion) about his tuning the drums higher is that you get a much better response time from your sticks. The bottom skin is known as the resonant head, and if you tighten that right up (which many don't, either for preference or because they don't know any different) then what you get is more resonance of the tone, but faster reaction time and sensitivity on the top head meaning you can do much faster
  10. Thank you very much! You're completely right by the way, I'm not fond of using Dropbox to link songs but at the time of posting my cover originally, I was on my phone and couldn't upload the audio file anywhere; not YouTube or Soundcloud unfortunately. In terms of playing it almost exactly to the track, then yes I would say I eclipsed Chad Smith haha, but he was improvising the whole thing! Which by far eclipses what I did! I appreciate your compliment though
  11. Plus, I'm just gonna put this here: I could give you a few other things that I've personally taken from Bonham's work. I'm 27 now, a British drummer, and have been listening to and learning from Bonham since I was 15. To me he is the master, and I was his student, now disciple, as I feel his soul is within me (not literally!), but I have essentially picked up the banner he once carried, and seek to carry to until my death. There is something holy, or unholy about Bonham's playing, whatever it was, it transcended time, and was completely immortal. Though us lesser mortal men are able to learn
  12. I'm from Southampton! And where the queuing fans are I walk past there every day. I can't remember the name of the street right now, but I'll take some pictures soon to show you.
  13. https://db.tt/CFBui4r7 I know there are quite a few out there who can't stand listening to drum covers, but as Led Zeppelin fans, I emplore you to consider listening to mine. Tonight I jumped into the studio with my engineer friend Ovidiu (he's Romanian, I'm English. Hi!) and I decided to do a few covers; Locked Out Of Heaven, In My Life, to name a few. Almost knackered out at this point, I decided to take on the mightiest of songs, Achilles Last Stand as I knew conquering that would ensure my right of passage as a man, and a drummer - And I tried to pay homage to my hero justly. First take wa
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