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  1. I can't stop wondering whether Plant is boning her or ever has boned her. I can't imagine why she wouldn't. Hell, I'm one of the least gay people on the planet, and I'd probably let him bone me, just so I could finally start a thread that no one could say was already posted.
  2. http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/inde...ppelin-reunion/ Hey, at least I beat Rolling Stone!
  3. I was a high school senior and was coming back from lunch when I heard it on the radio. I even remember what intersection I was at. I got to break the news to a good friend who is a drummer and a monster Zep fan.
  4. I sat at my desk, picked my nose and followed the events on this forum. The end.
  5. I'm actually glad they didn't do it. It seems like their concerts had gotten rather formulaic: the bow thing, the acoustic thing, the boogie woogie stuff in Whole Lotta Love, etc. They came out with something unexpected, something they hadn't played in a long time, followed it with something they rarely played in concert, followed by a beefier live version of Black Dog. They played a song for the first time live, kept Dazed and Confused relatively short, played some stuff slower than before, giving it a dark, grittier edge, et. All that translated into a fresh, more powerful show. An
  6. I think they should play at my house. I'll put on some tea.
  7. He had a cold leading up to the show, so maybe he was just backing off because of that.
  8. Hey there, Juliet Why don't you love me yet? Don't you know you're the only one For this Romeo
  9. Having been a longtime musician and currently in a band that eschews cover songs and goes off into the improvisational without getting into Phish or Blues Traveler territory, I know that sometimes just jamming around leads to a new song. I'd be curious to know how much Zep, during rehearsals, just kind of jammed out on things. Considering how Jimmy writes more riffs before breakfast than just about every other band on the planet does in a career, I'd imagine just playing with the band again flushed out all kinds of new ideas. He's had decades to stew over not playing with the band, so I
  10. Using some kind of analogy, please describe the size of Robert Plant's penis and compare its usage to the output of an oil refinery.
  11. Let's say you're a journalist who actually knows something about the band, not some uppity rock-critic type that doesn't know his Custard Pie from his Carouselambra. If you had a chance to interview the band after the concert - and I've yet to see any post-concert interviews (What have they been doing since then?) - what would you ask. Here are some of my questions: 1.) Which songs were considered and barely missed the cut? Did you ever consider anything off "In Through The Out Door" or maybe even "Wearing and Tearing"? 2.) Did at any point did you find yourselves on the brink of wri
  12. Same here. On the BBC stuff, TSRTS, HTWWW, etc., I just fast-forward over the long violin stuff, partly because it's long and cliche and mostly because I like the part that follows, with Jimmy's playing right on the verge of just flying out of control. But this was something dark, raw and different. Now I'd like to hear what follows.
  13. Terrifying. Despite the crummy sound, they really brought the evil again in this one. That was the darkest, most disturbing violen solo I've heard, and I've heard A LOT of versions of that. The slowness and distortion really make it. Holy shit.
  14. Upon further review, I'm going to blame this whole thing on Ev. He could have prevented this. HE COULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS.
  15. I don't think it would be a Zep concert without a fuckup. I've got a boot called "For Badgeholders Only," and they really fuck up Kashmir good. Half the band goes one way and half the band goes the other. I've never really listened to it closely enough to figure out who did what, but there is about 20 seconds of uncomfortable fumbling around. Also, I was listening to the BBC recordings yesterday, and Plant jumps in with the chorus all over Jimmy's solo in "What Is And What ..."
  16. I was like 17 years old when I heard on the radio that Bonham had died. I wrote this stupid letter to Robert Plant, begging him to keep the band together. I mailed it to some address I found on my In Through The Out Door album. He never wrote back.
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