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  1. sonshine

    What Are You Doing Today?

    I'm going to put my hair up and do some much needed cleaning around the house, and think, and absorb some music. I don't mind, really. It's a good way to maintain a figure.
  2. sonshine

    What Made You Happy today?

    You're sweet.
  3. sonshine


    Wow, excellent post! Sounds like you know yourself quite well. I think part of what makes me me is being critical of myself. I want to grow, be a better person. And I don't mind being criticized, I love being proven wrong.
  4. sonshine

    What Made You Happy today?

    Me too. Where's your signature, geekfreak? I liked it.
  5. sonshine

    Jimmy's Pants

    ^^ Agreed. Plus, he was very long and thin, and clothes looked great on him, especially the pants. I like his pants in this picture. Pinstripes rock, so do leather jackets.
  6. sonshine

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I love how he smiles with his eyes.
  7. sonshine

    Hot Pics of Robert

  8. sonshine

    What Made You Happy today?

    Mother's Day is a day of reflection for me, as I'm sure it is for all children. Yes, I think of my mom on this day, though I consider her feelings daily, and try my best to show my gratitude for her dedication and unconditional love. But I also I think about the worst Mother's Day I ever had. I think about my freak accident; the shock, the incompetent nurses who were letting me bleed to death. I think about the moment I was preparing to give in to unconsciousness when, as if heaven sent, I saw my beautiful mother through the hospital window and was reminded of why I needed to hang on. And I think about the paramedic, who was actually a working blues harpist, and how we talked of music, and how his heart was so kind, working very hard to give me hope... I think about all the time that has passed since then; how that accident made me a prisoner at a job I already hated, the inconsiderate people, the jokes, the severe depression, the fear, the yearning, all the obstacles and how my stubborn-ass was yet another instance of proof for the medical community of when you love something so much, you can do anything you set your mind to, even if your body is telling you 'no'. And I think about how it was all worth it, because as much as I thought I had lost that day, I gained and grew in ways I'm not sure I would have without that freak accident on Mother's Day, That day has impaired me only to empower me. Being able to look back on it all without feeling sorry for myself, and really knowing that misery is actually a blessing in disguise, the ability to move forwards instead lingering in the past makes me very happy today.
  9. sonshine

    I made it in the news today

    M'kay... now read my mind.
  10. ^^ "His role"? Are you asking if he is a body guard or something? If so, that's kind of silly. Though who knows, there are a lot of crazies out there. Maybe he's a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, he looks kinda buff. And does he try to keep Jimmy's fans away? I don't know much about him, or his friendship with Jimmy Page.
  11. sonshine

    Favorite song off of Presence?

    Ah! Not again! I'm incapable of choosing one! Aside from the obvious choices, I'd have to say 'Candy Store Rock' is definitely one on the top of my favorites list. It must be the sex-machine in me!
  12. Holy crap, no way can I answer this one. It's such a powerful album, musically, emotionally, and intellectually. Could be 'Sick Again', could be 'Custard Pie', (those two songs... man, they are just soooo damn sexy!) or even 'Wanton Song'... Nope, I can't choose. I love them all.
  13. sonshine

    Best Album for a Zeppelin Newcomer?

    ^ I have to agree. And beautifully said.
  14. +1. I was going to respond to rosiet's post earlier, but I had already gotten a spanking by another forum member for being rude. It's a bit creepy, IMHO.