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  1. well I had more to post but I keep getting error messages and I can't figure out why. Oh well
  2. Now let's get our seats. Because my friend Joe was in charge of security for Ron Delsner I didn't need a ticket and he took me to the press section and told the security guy to take care of me. I was a very lucky guy to have a friend like that who I met at a summer class at Queensborough Community College. Bummer, one of the pictures wouldn't upload.
  3. I just can't believe it was 40 years ago when I was thin and no gray hair First things first, we need a ticket to get into the show!
  4. He's got a few Plant moves with those hands
  5. Don't know or remember although I did see MO sometime previously and I think I may have some pics. Photographed an interview with McLaughlin at his loft - very cool guy. Ever listen to 'Devotion', his first album? What a mind blower of an album.
  6. and his 'brother' was on the same roll of film . . .
  7. They were definitely taken in LA as they were processed by a lab and not me. I cut 6 images for every strip not 5 as these were. Here's a few more
  8. I'll start another thread in a few days and post the pictures of Bad Company
  9. Didn't know people would like this and when I get some time I scan a few more.
  10. I completely forgot I ever took these pictures for an interview he gave when Bad Company was playing LA probably in 1976 or maybe it was 1975 when the LZ played LA but I'm not sure. I do remember that all the LZ guys were there at the time and maybe I have some candids of them but I'll have to look. It's nice to see Peter smile. Anyone recognize the interviewer by any chance? And to think I was straight (meaning sober) when I took these photos and still can't remember that I took them
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