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  1. Go Dave, go! Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Rails Against COVID ‘Tyranny,’ Calls For Mass Civil Disobedience (infowars.com)
  2. Zep reference on ZH! When The Levee Breaks... | ZeroHedge And it is gonna break.
  3. It is indeed demoralizing in many ways. However, the fact that authorities around the world have to resort to such measures is a sign of weakness, not strength. There is cause for optimism in the long-term, because lies can never prevail over truth, although without question it will be a difficult struggle in the short-term.
  4. Dread Zeppelin is pure genius.
  5. Possibly he miscounted; October '72 was the last time Zep was in Japan/Asia, no?
  6. It is broken up by age for two different time periods (April to mid-June, and mid-June to mid-July). It is true that it makes more sense to look at the statistics by age group, I should have done that first. So for the first time period, the rates for >= 65 (the main demographic of interest) we have 3137 deaths/9199 hospitalizations = 34.1% for non-vaccinated, and 363 deaths/1286 hospitalizations = 28.2% for vaccinated. So yes, a slightly better rate for the non-vaccinated, but certainly nothing to rave about, and the headline number in that CDC report (see the image flashing 10X reduced risk of death) is blatantly misleading.
  7. Here's a good example of lying with statistics. Look at the table right after the references: Monitoring Incidence of COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths, by Vaccination Status — 13 U.S. Jurisdictions, April 4–July 17, 2021 | MMWR (cdc.gov) Something like a quarter to half of the population was vaccinated during the term of the study, so it's not surprising you see more issues involving unvaccinated vs vaccinated here. US COVID-19 Vaccine Progress Tracker | Vaccinations by State | USAFacts But apart from that, even from the data in the table we see vaccinated: 616 deaths out of 2976 hospitalizations => 20.7% rate unvaccinated: 6132 deaths out of 34,972 hospitalizations => 17.5% rate If these vaccines work as well as they claim, you'd think the rate gap would be much larger, and in favor of the vaccinated.
  8. The Detroit '73 show that was unearthed about a year ago, truly amazing performance, glad to know things like this are still seeing the light of day.
  9. We're getting too off topic here, but the US spends way too much on military and overseas adventures, we need to focus on our own problems at home. There's a difference between recognizing the communist government of China as an enemy, and fomenting war with them in Asia. What American national interest depends on the defense of Australia? None that I can see, and you can repeat this question repeatedly (Ukraine, Syria, etc.). At any rate, the background of these maneuvers, like the scamdemic itself, is camouflaging a global fiat/financial collapse. That's what connects it. And governments can't effectively wage war without the population under some kind of domestic control (like a lockdown).
  10. Just to be clear, NATO outlived its usefulness decades ago, it should be disbanded. So even here Trump was ineffective. But yeah, the Europeans want to have their cake and eat it too.
  11. This party's just getting started: More US Troops and Aircraft to Be Deployed to Australia - News From Antiwar.com Hope those troops are fully vaxxed!
  12. This is funny: France Recalls Ambassadors To US & Australia, Outraged Over Submarine Deal | ZeroHedge France is run by a bankster with mommy issues, so it's easy to laugh at them here. (Esp. when they were so scandalized by Trump expecting them to actually pony up on their NATO commitments.) However, the larger point in the context of Oz's transformation into a covid concentration camp: they are preparing for war.
  13. Private businesses should be completely free to decide who enters their premises, of course. But in the current environment of media-driven mass hysteria, and the fact that most corporations at the top of the food chain (e.g. the banks) ARE effectively the government, it's quite a stretch to dismiss concerns over vaccine passports as interference in the decisions of private actors. CDC Libertarians Double Down on Their "Defense" of Property Rights - LRC Blog (lewrockwell.com)
  14. Jesus, I knew he was a weird dude but that's just warped. I liked FNM with Jim Martin on guitar, however.
  15. Huh? Mike Patton is a tool, no doubt, but it sounds like you're confusing him with G.G. Allin.
  16. COVID Hospitalization Numbers Can Be Misleading - The Atlantic
  17. The PCR test as such is fine, the problem is how it's being applied to covid, as not only the inventor (Kary Mullis) stated, but Fauci as well: Fauci Himself Admits Covid PCR Test at Over 35 Cycles Is Deceitful, Worse Than Useless – Anti-Empire Basically, increase the magnification level arbitrarily high, and you can find evidence of anything. Holmes should go to jail, but with that board of directors, there are clearly some powerful people behind her (why I don't really know, this seems to go beyond mere financial skullduggery), we'll have to see.
  18. I'm thinking Aaron Rodgers is gonna regret passing on that Jeopardy! job.
  19. More speculation, as long as we're speculating: I wonder what effect wartime deprivations (it's mentioned in Hammer of the Gods as context for some debauchery with groupies involving food) as well as Britain's descent into second-class nation status in the postwar period (not to mention the background of the Americans' stupid war in Vietnam), played in tempting British rock stars of the late 60's/mid 70's to dabble in Nazi imagery?
  20. Speaking of which, do you suppose Elizabeth Holmes will appeal to the abuse of PCR-testing in her own fraud trial? This is one interesting board of directors, to say the least. Theranos' Board of Directors (businessinsider.com)
  21. Amusing article: Heil, Heil, Rock-n-Roll. What's with Brit Rockers and the Third Reich? Part One - The Hip Quotient
  22. BTW, on the question of what literature Page would have been familiar with, the (notorious?) right-wing philosopher Julius Evola was an admirer of Crowley, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that Page would have come across Nazi-occult connections this way. Again, he probably only flirted with this stuff (if at all really) for shock value, but I would be surprised if someone as intelligent and widely read as Page was oblivious to the background.
  23. That's not really relevant to anything. The point is, when you have to appeal to a band like BuckCherry to advocate mass vaccination, you've run out of options.
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