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  1. Angel

    Oh CANADA!

    Yes, we have cable and dish and depending on which coast you're on will determine your US network affiliates. I live in BC so my ABC etc are out of Seattle, LA and some from Detroit. I also get the east coast feeds for some major networks. I just don't get some cable channels like BET or VH1.
  2. Many years ago I worked at a TV station, the CFO never really said anything inappropriate, but always stood to close to me. I laughed it off but told my co-worker (who verified that he approched many new employees and even had some complaints filed against him) and my husband (just in case). I moved on but soon after heard that he had been suspended for a whole lot of missing money and committed suicide.....Karma's a bitch.
  3. Cheers to a very nice fellow!
  4. We talk about sex alot. I just don't talk about sex with my husband....
  5. Wow, I feel so special I think you can start the advice with that last thread from Jethrotull......He sounds like he could use your sort of help!
  6. Angel


    Redrum, if you're not experienced with trading (yes, even in tangible commodities) I would avoid the gold. Coins and jewellery (diamonds and precious gems) are never an investment. Think "they are only valuable if you can find a buyer". Get a high yield ING Savings account (no fees) and take the time to educate yourself. Good Luck.
  7. Angel

    Oh CANADA!

    Lighten up on Timmy H's. They make so much profit that a small good will gesture under the expense of "advertising" is something they do all the time. Every time I go to one of our local Timmy's they offer my puppy a timbit. What I'm buying far out spends the cost of .16 cents. It smells to me like sour grapes against they accused employee by someone, probably another employee.
  8. Angel

    a miracle?

    Like others have said Depression is treatable athough it feels like you are in a place of no return. I have a very good friend who suffers from this and she often resents that she must take daily medication to be in a "good place" as she calls it, but she now compares it to being diabetic. Each can live full healthy lives with just a little bit of help. Good luck.
  9. Hey friends, I'm doing great, but it's testament to Levee that I can no longer look at squirels the same way
  10. ..or whatever you're calling yourself You know who you are ..... A day at the spa
  11. Angel

    Oh CANADA!

    Heard the other day on the entertainment news that the Juno recipients have to pay for their own statue at approx $400 per....... Good grief
  12. Tiina63, my mother just moved back to Finland after 45 years in America All I can say in Finnish Is Merry Christmas;)
  13. I really have a friend like that
  14. Angel

    Oh CANADA!

    Sorry Joelman, I should have known it wouldn't be that easy Things in life rarely are.........
  15. Angel

    Oh CANADA!

    Joelman...go to a lawyer and if you've been a good boy since then get your record erased Easy peasy! I'm just guessin' that they wouldn't let you in because they didn't want the competition
  16. John Denver's Rocky Mountain High & Annie's Song Neil Diamond's Travelling Salvation Show
  17. Angel

    Oh CANADA!

    The feds were forced to lower the GST due to a bulging cash surplus. They need to take a decrease in federal revenue so they don't have to pay the increased revenue penalties. Yes, there are revenue penalties......This was not a feel good move, it was mandatory.
  18. Surely they've had their lips injected ....and don't trust a man who wears lipstick (that's just creepy)
  19. Angel

    Dot Com Santa.

    I'm pretty sure Old Scratch could use some saltpeter......
  20. Angel

    Iam new Hi

    Oh, I can assure you I'm not after him. He is, after all, the antithesis of all I hold dear and precious. I merely continually try to save his soul and that of others who may become ensnared in his web. Give it your best shot
  21. Angel

    Iam new Hi

    Why thank you sir...I seem to have lost my feet pics, but as for now I'm indulging in a sweet creamy alfredo sauce gently embracing long soft penne noodles
  22. Angel

    Iam new Hi

    Scratch, don't be such a tease to these poor souls You'll make the other jealous.....
  23. I'll second that..... My car got broken into last night...but nothing was taken , just a smashed window
  24. These are some of the best pics ever. There is nothing better than seeing Zep and getting to meet friends from the board! Cheers!
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