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  1. Rare exceptions? Phil Carson, Richard Cole, Simon Kirke, and Mick Ralphs would beg to differ. Your process of elimination has some validity, but the bottom line is you're guessing.
  2. What does that have to do with the topic of this thread? Take it to PMs. It actually starts much sooner than I noted in my original post. More like 00:28. At around 0:31 you can see someone wearing white (or light colored) pants behind whoever it is playing JPJ's bass with drum sticks. Arguably among the most bizarre moments in LZ's onstage history. The whole thing is a train wreck.
  3. Not only dead wrong but really dumb. You can see the "birthday boy" blowing into the bottle when the other person is hitting the bass strings with the drum sticks. Try harder next time, expert.
  4. It happens right around the 00:40 second mark of this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kWjEsq9mlU Guesses or speculation aren't helpful. Were you there and do you know? That's who I'd like to hear from. Peace, Mackey
  5. What's up with Preston taking credit for the famous shot of Robert with the dove and Newcastle Brown at Kezar? Wasn't that taken by James Fortune? http://jamesfortunephotography.com/category/q-r/robertplant/
  6. Inexcusable oversight on my part. Arguably my fave track on the album and I left it off. I'm so ashamed. Serves me right for posting on company time in a rush. Absolutely has to be on there, which probably pushes the running time beyond the parameters of a single LP. Love, Billy
  7. The only way to properly "re-do" Physical Graffiti is to make it a single album that only includes the songs recorded during the 1974 sessions. So.... Custard Pie, Sick Again, The Wanton Song, IMTOD, Ten Years Gone, Trampled Underfoot and Kashmir in whatever order you fancy. Love, Mackey
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