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    "Though Plant is far richer today, he hasn't lost his open mind and eager ear. The owner of an enviable collection of classic blues, R&B and rockabilly records, he is also constantly checking out pop's Next Big Things. Among his recent faves are Hüsker Dü, the rising Irish star Sinead O'Connor and the San Francisco funk-metal band Faith No More. He also digs Prince — for 'sheer entertainment and audacity.' He adds with a wink, 'Prince and Page together would be great.'" http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/the-rolling-stone-interview-robert-plant-19880324#ixzz46u20cTQU Also humorous comment in brief clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuRjX7JA_4I

    RIP Prince

    Royalty deserves its on own thread. Thank you, Walter for starting. I have infinite love for everything Prince talent, music, live performance, fashion, social conscience, lyricism, spiritualism, business sense, etc., but his sense of humor (including about himself) gets lost sometimes. This Dave Chapelle skit based on a real event is a gut-buster. http://www.cc.com/video-clips/e748yj/chappelle-s-show-charlie-murphy-s-true-hollywood-stories---prince---uncensored
  3. One more to add to the debate: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/the-unoriginal-originality-of-led-zeppelin
  4. I have been off the forum for a very long time but I came to see the reaction to Bowie's passing and I'm so glad I did. I think as many have already stated it's entirely appropriate to give this man his own thread. Recent articles indicate he was in remission for most of the summer (when the videos were filmed) and then the cancer returned with a vengeance in November and had spread all over his body. I particularly enjoyed Stryder1978's post. I don't know much about what precipitated his choice to get sober but he appeared so vulnerable in the early 90s. His demeanor and the way he spoke of Iman and his new life, often invoking The Serenity Prayer, etc. It was a Ross62 -that was interesting information. Beyond a deck of Crowley tarot cards, I don't have enough knowledge to comment more than that. I did read a Guardian article that linked to a Villa of Ormen Tumblr account that many thought might be Bowie's. Truth and Beauty, your post was beautifully expressed. With all of us feeling so much at his passing, one can imagine how it would impact one of Bowie's contemporary with whom there was a complicated history.
  5. I think the source is always the best place for understanding. From her Facebook page: I have been so incredibly moved over the last few days by the outpouring of love and support that has followed the story of my rape on New Year’s Eve 1975. When I contacted the Huffington Post at the beginning of the year, I never imagined my story would touch such a nerve. I wondered whether anyone would even read it, or if they did, whether they would care. The response took me completely by surprise. This was not an easy story for me to tell. I had to go over the details of the worst night of my life, not once but repeatedly. The writer of the piece, Jason Cherkis, and the Huffington Post’s fact checker handled the questioning with great sensitivity; but in the wake of the Rolling Stone rape-reporting fiasco and the well-known past disagreements among members of the Runaways, they were leaving nothing to chance. They asked for my SAT scores, my school transcripts, contact info for the lawyer I spoke to last year. My family and I opened our homes and our files, without reservation. We gave Jason a glimpse into some of our most private moments, as well as some of our deepest – though thoroughly underserved -- shame. Jason spoke to people I hadn’t thought about in years -- people who didn’t like me, as well as those who did. He spoke to every known living person who was there the night of my rape, save one. Jason contacted friends I’d lost touch with after I was raped, friends I’ve missed terribly. I had serious second thoughts about going public several months in. How would disclosure affect my family? How would it change how my friends saw me? Would I be known forever after as “that girl from that band, who got raped”? I thought I had prepared myself for the haters -- I was wrong. I was shocked by some of the vitriol; more so by the fact that nearly all of it came from other women. *But their voices were drowned by a chorus of support from women I respect and admire – women like Kathy Valentine, Maureen Herman and Jane Wiedlin. And then there are the private messages. The sheer number of people who have written to tell me their own stories of rape and abuse has been heartbreaking. Many have said they’ve never told anyone about their rape or abuse, or that the people they told didn’t believe them. But they’ve also said that my story has given them hope that the dialogue about rape is changing. Some have reevaluated their own trauma in light of learning about the Bystander Effect. One person wrote that I had given her a gift: “the ability to see that the people in the room were victims too. Their behavior didn’t mean I deserved [the abuse]. It just meant they were afraid and didn’t know what to do.” I know some people watching the online drama unfold have been discouraged by the lack of support I’ve received from my former bandmates. To which I can only say that I hope you never have to walk in their shoes. My rape was traumatic for everyone, not just me, and everyone deals with trauma in their own way and time. It took exceptional courage for many of the witnesses to talk frankly about how they felt. Most have apologized to me for their inaction that night -- apologies that have been unnecessary, though welcome. My rape also left scars on Victory and the other people who only experienced indirectly what happened that night. It can’t have been easy to listen to the way the band treated me after I left (treatment I was mercifully unaware of at the time). All I can say about what was said and done is that my bandmates were children who’d witnessed something criminal and tragic. I’ve no doubt they were dealing with it as best they were able. They had no responsible adults to guide them – only a rapist and his apologists. If I am disappointed in one thing, it is that the story has become about who knew what when and who did or didn’t do what. That isn’t the story at all. It would be nice if everyone who was there the night I was raped could talk about how it has affected them over the years. But if they don’t want to talk it about, I respect that. It’s taken me years to talk about it without shame. I can only imagine what it must have been like to have watched it happen. I only wish that if my bandmates can’t remember what happened that night – or if they just remember it differently –they would stick simply to saying that. By asserting that if they’d witnessed my rape, they’d have done something about it, they perpetuate the very myth I was trying to dispel when I decided to tell my story. Being a passive bystander is not a “crime.” All of us have been passive bystanders at some point in our lives. If we have any hope at all of putting an end to incidents like these, we need to stop doubting the accusers and start holding rapists, abusers and bullies accountable. What we don’t need to do is point fingers at those who weren’t to blame for their actions.
  6. As a woman, I am heartened by the men here standing up to say they believe her. Thank you. I wish I could say more about the underage girl and music scene, past and present, but I'll leave it between the lines and keep it to my appreciation for those of you who understand the difference between a girl and a woman. You are men among men.
  7. So during The Firm, he was feeling like a mediocre bar band veteran?
  8. that was hot. and they were both loving it.
  9. I can't speak for the Soundtracks but one of his prints that I want was marked "out of stock" for some time. After awhile, I thought to check eBay. I saw it there. It was out of my price range but not outrageously priced and it was framed. Within a few days, I noticed the print was no longer "out of stock" on his website.
  10. I'll take a bad Jimmy Page performance over Noel Gallagher in-his-prime performance every time. (Come to think of it I did see him in his prime. He was great.) But I'll take a Noel Gallagher interview over a Jimmy Page interview every single time. Noel is outright fucking hilarious and honest. The best.
  11. Don't trust the "Sold Out" message on the JP website. It can be rather ...fluid.
  12. All ages may be attracted to him but he one can see he has a preference for des femmes d’un certain âge. Relax, nobody is trying to take away his "right to date whomever he likes." People are gossping as humans are wont to do, have the right to do, and do all over this forum. If things gets too close to the bone as sometimes happens when the topic is S E X, the thread will be deleted until another similar thread pops up. FFS, it is a LED ZEPPELIN forum. Sex is in the mix. Always. She was also working for five other men (JB, JPJ, RP, Peter Grant, and Danny Goldberg) so one bad apple may not lead to leaving an employer. She seemed to have a great esteem for JPJ. From other accounts, she, Neal Preston, and Goldberg formed a strong bond. She also speaks about the unforgettable experience of seeing LZ live and what a privilege it was regardless of the other challenges of working for the world's biggest rock band when she was 19.
  13. "He's vibrant and powerful, and generous and he's just looking for someone to have a little fun with." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ug8_9aF_RA
  14. Yes, it's just about the music and .... the symbols, the costumes, the lasers, the bow-casting, the photos, the book of photographs, the scarves, and the coffee cups.
  15. Forget a new publicist, he needs a new consigliere. In all these interviews of late, I'm reminded of Don Vito Corleone's reprimand to Sonny after the disastrous meeting with Sollozo, the Turk. it starts at 3:37 but show some respect to your Don and watch the whole thing.
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