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  1. One more to add to the debate: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/the-unoriginal-originality-of-led-zeppelin
  2. I have been off the forum for a very long time but I came to see the reaction to Bowie's passing and I'm so glad I did. I think as many have already stated it's entirely appropriate to give this man his own thread. Recent articles indicate he was in remission for most of the summer (when the videos were filmed) and then the cancer returned with a vengeance in November and had spread all over his body. I particularly enjoyed Stryder1978's post. I don't know much about what precipitated his choice to get sober but he appeared so vulnerable in the early 90s. His demeanor and the way he spoke of Iman and his new life, often invoking The Serenity Prayer, etc. It was a Ross62 -that was interesting information. Beyond a deck of Crowley tarot cards, I don't have enough knowledge to comment more than that. I did read a Guardian article that linked to a Villa of Ormen Tumblr account that many thought might be Bowie's. Truth and Beauty, your post was beautifully expressed. With all of us feeling so much at his passing, one can imagine how it would impact one of Bowie's contemporary with whom there was a complicated history.
  3. My vendetta? Or agenda? Seriously? What's yours, now that you're stalking my posts? I'm fascinated by geniuses who make an impact on history and seek to understand their motivations. Jimmy has always been the most engimatic member so there is some pleasure in trying to decipher his personality. If you wantto know what I think about the other members, continue your stalking. (edited for grammatical correction).
  4. I know, right? Dumb punk name for drummer for the Damned, who claims he later auditioned for Jimmy. Anyway, I got it wrong, it was Jake Riveria, the "punk" Peter Grant.
  5. Yes but this is an LZ Forum. So you're suggesting the sources (Neal Preston, Pamela Des Barres, Rat Scabies, edited to add > Sam Aizer) are lying - all of them have noted it in it various publications. Yes, it is. Why is that so hard to believe? We don't really know because NO ONE (that I know of) has ever asked about it. The punk movement was anti-fascist to my recollection. I think, you mean skinheads.
  6. That would be at distinct odds with their very recent public conversation and "agreement" to work together. It would be interesting to read if you have a source for your claim. I've previously read an interview with the drummer disparaging LZ back in the 90s.
  7. There are 3 photos in the book. Under the most famous one (and the one he sells on his website) the caption is, "During the 1977 tour I began to alternate between the white poppy suit and black outfits. Here I'm wearing Hugo Boss." (For On This Day, he referred to it as, "the stormtrooper outfit.") Other sources comment on him wearing the outfit frequently, off-stage at public and private events. It's curious that no interviewer has ever asked him about this. His stage costumes are frequently discussed as iconic so it's inconceivable this one would not be brought up, especially since it appears he's quite fond of it. Yes, it's about the music but he well knows the imagery he evoked is part and parcel of the legend. Why else would he twice sell a book of photographs and art prints? Then again, he only ever allows controlled interviews which is why they (the interviews) are so rarely interesting when he as a subject is so fascinating. In Robert's latest interview, he discusses having had the freedom to fail and how it liberated him. It takes tremendous courage and a strong emotional support to take those risks.
  8. Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury Neal Preston had this to say about that night. There was a night in Chicago I believe, the band came out and started the set and I could tell something was wrong with Jimmy. He did not look good. He looked very, very strange. Not so much ill or sick but something else was going on, almost demonic. And I never subscribed to the whole Jimmy Page black magic thing whether or not it’s true, I don’t know. But something was different, and his hair was different, and something was going on. So they start the show and they play three or four songs and I remember they were playing “Ten Years (sic) On” and Jimmy very uncharacteristically is sitting on the drum riser while he’s playing. Well something obviously is going on and during the middle of that song; Peter comes out from the wings, right on to the stage, doing this (waving arms), like “Stop. Stop. Stop.” And Peter stops the show. This is three or four songs into the show. Now something is very wrong and I didn’t know what it was and I was in front of the stage. I think I was up an aisle, kind of the middle of the house but I could tell something’s up and I go backstage. And uh, I get back stage just as Richard has Jimmy almost in his arms. Jimmy’s wearing the robe that they used to wear after the gig was over when they’d go from the stage to the limo into the plane. And Richard is dragging Jimmy who looked fairly lifeless. And I had a camera with me and my hand’s on the camera and Richard captures my eye and looks at me, and his look said, “Don’t even think about shooting this.” I could tell. Now, the photojournalist in me wants to shoot that picture. I didn’t know what was going on for all I know Jimmy Page could be dying. The Led Zeppelin employee in me says, “Listen to Richard, don’t you dare.” So I didn’t shoot a picture. However, that night I get called up to Peter’s room and Peter says to me, “I need you to do something for me. Take the photos and the film from tonight and don’t develop them. Just get rid of the film. Because we’ve never had to cancel a show before…” Basically he said it was an anomaly and it was a bad vibe and do that. And I .. that film stayed in my…well, I did develop the film. The negatives stayed in my drawers for years and years until I even looked at the proofs. I mean I looked at them quickly and never did anything with them. I kept them tucked away. And uh, you could see and there are a couple of the photos in this book and you could see that Jimmy looks different. And he does look demonic in them and I don’t know what was going on but I will never forget Richard dragging Jimmy right by me with that look that Richard shot me. And Jimmy was out of it, so um, that’s something I wish I had shot but I didn’t shoot.
  9. Or enable them. I never subscribed to the shock theory of the stormtrooper garb. Military wear has long been incorporated into fashion and Nazi uniforms were designed and produced by Hugo Boss but I think his descent into addiction made him oblivious to revealing aspects of his private life. I'll leave it at that. I never see him as a disciplined perfectionist. I see him as an emotional, controlling, obssessive. Characteristics common in geniuses not used to insult him but as explanation for why he was able to create masterpieces in such a short amount of time. Whatever was between them was destroyed by addiction and corruption but I don't think it activated the addiction. Being surrounded by people who only ever say yes - that might be a problem for a wealthy addict. I think Jimmy is similar to Michael Jackson - early success, secrecy, costumes and imagery, drive, addiction, eating issues, victim mentality, masterful creative appropriation, need for control, abuse of power, even the effeminate mannerisms and voice. All of the good and some of the bad among these things would be hard to refuse when you are young, rich, talented, and on top of the world.
  10. Superior health care because of extreme wealth, pharmaceutical grade substances, and unusual constitutions enabled Jimmy (and Keith) to out-consume many peers and remain, if not standing, at least sitting on the drum riser for a few songs. If one reads between the lines about the Page & Plant and Page & the Black Crowes eras, Jimmy struggled through the 90s, too. People are accountable only to those personally impacted by their addiction but I do wish Jimmy reveled less in some other aspects of his past. The Nazi storm trooper costume always makes me cringe. I've read about the source of inspiration but I never saw it as cool or sexy - only offensive. 

 To be clear, I'm not commenting on your your avatar. I see the white hat. I'm just thinking of the Chicago 77 shows and the mindset of someone deep in addiction not food poisoning. (For more on this, I could post Neal Preston's remarks about this night if anyone is interested.)
  11. JPJ - here's an excerpt from Me and a Guy Named Elvis: My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley - Jerry Schilling and Chuck Crisafull http://www.elvis.com.au/presley/music/led_zeppelin_meet_elvis.html#sthash.fkBgKgY0.dpbs
  12. Yes, I'm sorry I don't remember where or else I would have included the source. I think it might have been an interview with him about the film or maybe it's in the film itself with the Director comments on.
  13. Open to correction but I believe I read that this sequence was filmed in a building overlooking Buckingham Palace Gardens - not in either of Page's homes.
  14. I prefer my barrister a bit more buttoned-up intellectual than hair-gelled, flash-suit showman.
  15. Excellent point on the demand for a jury trial - further reinforces the lawyer's reliance on dramatic and unsubstantitated claims as opposed to persuasive and factual evidence. The legal document is striking in its subjective claims and incorrect information. I had the exact same thought about Harry Potter's Malfoy - almost too good to be true considering the "wizard" at the heart of the matter.
  16. Do you mean Richie Valens? Or is there a Richie Havens story to be told as well?
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