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  1. Thanks Led Dirigible! I was wondering about that part too. What about the regular riff? I swear it sounds different or maybe I'm not doing it right. I play this version here: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/l/led_zeppelin/whole_lotta_love_ver4_tab.htm
  2. I was an avid Guns N Roses fan, from there I went to love AC/DC and kept going back in time with my taste. I got all the staples of classic rock off itunes. So of course I got Stairway to Heaven, and to try and broaden my tastes I got Kashmir and Black Dog as well. Still have a "favorite songs" CD in my car that had them on it. Then I proceeded to download Good Times Bad Times, Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, Immigrant Song, and Rock n Roll. Then I just thought I might as well buy the whole Mothership album so I could have the album only Achilles Last Stand. Then I fell in love with the other songs on that album and started getting the original albums and then became obsessed. I now have most of their music on itunes, just waiting for the reissues to come out with those bonus discs to get me some vinyl!!!
  3. I love this version of the song! Does anyone have a tab of how Jimmy plays it here? I can never get this one right. I can play the regular song, but the way he does this version.... I just don't know. Thanks!
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