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  1. The Zodiac signs to the left of Jimmy's crotch on the dragon suit are his Astrological birth sign at the top (Sun sign), which is Capricorn /-/ then his Ascending sign (Rising sign), which is Scorpio /-/ then his Moon sign, which is Cancer.
  2. I knew about that limited dragon suit use ! Thanks for doing a pictorial history of it on stage ! Jimmy's waist was a 28" - he said it himself in an interview when a writer asked "Do you still have your dragon suits?" Another historical Led Zeppelin note - right here - John Bonham on a few occasions joined John Paul Jones on co-lead vocal parts for the "town crier" singing part on Battle of Evermore. If you look closely at the acoustic set pic above from 5/28/1977 - Maryland - you can the microphone up by Bonzo's face. He sang on "Battle of Evermore" - that night for sure - you can look
  3. Richard taking his pants down and acting like he's gonna pull the snake out ! Someone on here said "He doesn't like that pic being shared" or something of the sort on his FB page. Well, too bad for him, he should've have never done it then ! Very awesome pics ! I'm wondering if these pics from the 19th of October, 1976 were a private viewing !? The date the film of the film premiere of "The Song Remains the Same" in the US - was actually Oct. 21st, 1976, according to what I know. It looks like Robert changed his clothes and Jonesy looks the same - from all the pics - I've seen. I
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