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  1. http://uncut.co.uk/news/led_zeppelin/news/11294 Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant has said that it is still highly unlikely that the band will go on a full-blown world tour, but there is a chance of more one-off perfomances, if the reason was right. Speaking in the new (May 2008) edition of UNCUT magazine, the singer says: "Hopefully, one day, we could do it again. Our profit is - it's metaphysical." The group's bassist John Paul Jones adds: "We (Jones and Page) spoke afterwards, and we both thought the same - it felt like the first night of a tour. You think, 'Oh, I could do that a bit bet
  2. There's a plaque that was donated to Robert Plant also up for auction too! forgot to mention...
  3. An original Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck EDS 1275 guitaris to be added to the lots offered at a VIP auction, to be held after the first Childline Rocks benefit concert at London's Indigo2 tomorrow night (March 13). Full story here:http://uncut.co.uk/news/led_zeppelin/news/11214
  4. http://uncut.co.uk/news/robert_plant/news/10830 LED ZEPPELIN WORLD TOUR RUMOURS QUASHED Robert Plant Robert Plant to go on the road with Alison Krauss! Robert Plant, fresh from fronting a spectacular Led Zeppelin reunion show at London's O2 Arena on Monday (December 10), has quashed ideas of a full Led Zeppelin tour to follow the legends' comeback success. Plant has announced that he is to tour 'Raising Sand', his acclaimed collaboration with Alison Krauss. The UK dates start at Birmingham Arena on May 5 and go through to London's Wembley Arena on May 22. European dates in
  5. http://www.uncut.co.uk/news/led_zeppelin/news/10811 LED ZEPPELIN REUNION: THE FIRST REVIEW Led Zeppelin The legends make the most spectacular comeback I’ve just got home from the Dome and the Led Zeppelin gig, so hopefully you’ll forgive me for the fact that my thoughts aren’t quite as neatly organised as usual. First off, I have to point out that, at the risk of sounding smug, they were fucking great. I’ve been listening again to those ‘90s records recently (the “No Quarter” set, the “ Clarksdale” album, Jimmy Page’s album with The Black Crowes), and my biggest fear before th
  6. Hi there, Uncut.co.uk and NME.com are running a rate the track vote here: http://uncut.co.uk/news/led_zeppelin/news/10767 We're compiling a definitive fans opinion of what we'd like to see them play. All you have to do is click on the song covers and rate them out of ten - We'll be publishing the final scores online on Monady before the show, and in print in the next issues... Thanks! xx
  7. http://uncut.co.uk/news/solomon_burke/news/10769
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