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  1. Me thinks it is a riddle wrapped in a lazy enigma. Thank you very less
  2. tls

    Zeppelin's most exotic song

    In the Light.
  3. Just listened to the Blu Ray. One man one guitar. Phenomenal .
  4. tls

    Best TV Show Theme Songs of All Time

  5. tls

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    So anyway was going through my music library creating a playlist for each year. So far i have 1969-1980. And was somewhat surprised at 1971. There are 128 songs that time in at 9 hours 23 minutes. That year was epic. Led Zeppelin IV, Sticky Fingers, LA Woman, Who's Next, Electric Warrior, ZZ Top's First Album, Ram, Madman Across the Water, Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits 2, Hunky Dory, Auqualung, The Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East, and Imagine. Some superb individual tracks as well. Paul Revere and the Raiders "Cherokee Nation", Traffic "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys", Rod Stewart "Maggie Mae", America "A Horse with no Name", and Ringo's "It don't Come Easy". Perhaps you have another year as a personal favorite?
  6. The "Houses of the Holy" companion disc is the best thing I've heard in years.
  7. Houses of the Holy now available from iTunes. Really like the alternate TSRS.
  8. tls


    Sublime. Best of 2014. Poor Howard.
  9. tls

    La La

    I hear a nod to George Harrison's "All Too Much" as well. Great tune.
  10. tls

    Your Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs

    Currently- 1. Ramble On 2. Since I've Been Loving You 3. Trampled Under Foot 4. Bring It On Home 5. Achilles Last Stand 6. The Rain Song 7. When The Levee Breaks 8. Gallows Pole 9. Going To California 10. Communication Breakdown
  11. tls

    Yer Favourite Album Cover?

    Voted Physical Graffiti. A Masterpiece of sound and image. They are all good though.