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  1. He is Zacron, who designed LZ III sleeve
  2. More pics from TSRTS NY premiere With Jenny Dino (a fan?) This one was taken by the same girl. Dunno about her condition when shooting, his is rather obvious
  3. Oh, you're welcome. The quality of some pictures irks me a little but they are great in content: what about the last one with the glass of Guiness? Probably listening to Peter Grant. I simple love it
  4. Sitting pretty Japan press conference 1972 On stage 1975 TSRTS premiere night JP first attempt on Instagram (date unknown). God bless him
  5. Thanx to you all, I enjoy every of your contibutions as well. I'm not easily online so I can't visit much but I'm glad to meet you guys. All the best to the birthday boy. I'm away from my folders, No pics today
  6. Happy 2015 Some beard first without Lovely chest hair At Swan Song offices while putting Coda together First gig in my country. Ibiza, 1984. He called his band "Safe sex" for the night
  7. ^^ Ugh! His "friend" is only 24. I was expecting from her a statement like "I love antiques"
  8. Thank you guys for your feedback.Let me share these with you. Japan press conference, 1972 Dark and beautiful:
  9. The thing that does surprise me is his choice of photo for the cover - one of 'unprettiest' photos of him I've seen. I know why his eyes lack their usual shine & intensity then. With so many other georgeous photos available, wonder why this one.
  10. Jimmy looking angelic again
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