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  1. I loved Bonham's two albums and I loved Daniel's voice. I am Jason's age and with no disrespect to him as I may have posted before on here ( a long time ago ) seem to play the drums in a eerily similar style. I am glad he is getting around to playing some of his older 80's stuff. It was good no matter how much it sounded like Zep.
  2. I was 11 when we lost Bonzo. R.I.P. My sympathies to his remaining family and the rest of the band. Thank you Bonzo for putting some "balls" into drumming. There are many many drummers who have come before and after but they sound like they are "playing on notebooks". I HATE that wimpy dead sounding bullshitsky to put it nice. You brought out the cannons and I thank you for that. To add to one other post......... "on percussion, John Henry Bonham, over the top-top-top-TOP-TOP-TOP-TOP-TOP-TOP-TOP" Try to think of not only Moby Dick and Pat's Delight, and some of the af
  3. Hi everyone! I want to chime in that I like both the Firm and Coverdale/Page, but I hear them as being so different so depending on the mood I am in I might lean towards one over the other. I realize that many people are "offended" that Pagey would work with Coverdale, and David's influence might have "80'd" the sound of the songs, but everyone would have to admit that Page BURNED on that album from start to finish. I feel very strongly that if they had used a drummer more like Jason, Michael Lee, Cozy Powell (can't think if he was even alive but he is a good example), Tommy Aldrid
  4. Hey everyone, I did find a picture of Zep/Jason where you can see his cowbell mounted over his floor toms. I want to thank The people who posted links to pics in another thread because that is where I found this. Pic of Jason showing cowbell over his floor toms Jason, if you are reading this, I want to let you know that you were amazing the night of the reunion (i was not there but I have a copy of the whole concert). I have always been a big fan of your dad's and when you came along I really felt a connection to you. I do not want to insult you, but I really have a similar style to
  5. good Morning !! They are playing a bootleg copy. I have the same one. Sounds like Slowburn's copy. Not bad, but you could hear the drop in quality from the Aerosmith song that played right before this concert started. peace! Popeye !
  6. I am impressed HoneyDripper! You picked up and explained this technique so incredibly well. AWESOME! I think that part of Bonzo's sound is now considered "old". Some, but not all of Jason's differences are due to modern miking techniques, Jason's personal preferences in tuning because of how he likes the sticks & kick pedal to rebound off the drum heads, and the natural difference on how he and Bonzo hit the drums. No two drummers drum the same so even two drummers playing on the same kit will sound different. I also wanted to add that after listening to a few bootlegs, Jason's s
  7. Thank you too Rock Action for agreeing with me & for letting me know where Mr Lee played previously. I love the Cult so I am a bit embarrassed that I didn't know that he played with them. I always think of Matt Sorum as the "good" Cult drummer. I have to reinvestigate my Cult albums to see if i have ones Lee played on. Thanks man! Popeye!
  8. Hi Steve ! I agree with you with this statement. While i am a younger Zep fan, I'm 38, Kelly Hansen is from my teenage years. He was lead singer in Hurricane. They were really good. He definitely has Tyler influeneces. He also sounds like Lou Graham on some of the songs although his voice is different. It is sort of weird that an old rocker like Mick would turn to younger former metal heads to make up the bulk of his band - Jason formerly of Bonham on drums, Hansen formerly of Hurricane to sing, and Jeff Pilson formelry of Dokken on bass but i like their sound. peace! Popeye
  9. I respect your opinion but I strongly disagree. As a drummer, I have to say Michael Lee played the best out of all drummers up until Jason. I would say that putting aside all the sentimental talk about Jason filling his dads shoes, trying to keep Zeppelin "in the family", and keeping the legitamacy of the name LED ZEP without Bonzo, you could swap out Michael for Jason on any night and the songs would not sound different. He played very close to Bonzo's style. He used all of Bonzo's trade mark fills and didn't try to change the songs. In fact, I have not heard him outside of Page & Pl
  10. Jason had a real cow bell over his floor toms just like his dad did. I saw a picture of it over the last few days but now i cannot find where i saw it! If i do i will post it. peace!
  11. Hey thanks for posting those pics and settling my mind. It is definitley YELLOW awesome! Thank you!
  12. I like how his dad's 3 rings symbol are on the underside of the cymbals! great touch! I think the kit was amber to replicate his dad's kit and not yellow, however. I think because Jason's kit was lit up more because of the hi-tech lighting it looked yellow but I am just guessing. I think us drummers can discuss this without a "blow out" like those in the other threads. I think the yellow vistalites are too light to look amber with lighting on them but the amber can look lighter or darker depending on the lighting. Bonzo's kit did not usually have so much white light on them so they al
  13. THANK YOU to all who have shared in this thread! I am so jealous of those who attended! I am so proud of the group ! They really seemed to have kicked ass! I am especially proud for Jason. He really did his dad justice. Unfortunately for him, the last reunions that he drummed for were of poor sound quality/mix so he came across "weak", but he has always had his dad's heavy hand, and that was never the case. It just seems that last night he really put his heart behind playing his parts more accurate & it came across loud and clear. Jason, if you ever read this - GREAT JOB,
  14. Hey great photos people, thanks for the link. Did anyone notice the special cymbals Jason is using? His Zildjians have his father's symbol, the three intertwined circles, imprinted on the underside of them. Very cool! He also is using a Ludwig Amber Vistalite 5-Piece like his dad used rather than his usual DW kit. AWESOME!! I wish i was there! Pop I
  15. Yes, that was my point. I was making fun of myself for bringing up Wikpedia after a few other posts made comments that it was rediculous. I thought it was well known that this song is out. I guess it was funnier in my head than how i posted it. Too much coffee today!
  16. Well, coincidently, under this song on Wikpedia it states that they will be playing it tonight according to Jimmy. peace!
  17. Yeah, i guess i could have posted it in the Newbie section, but I must correct you that I wasn't asking any newbie question. This was a general question since even die hard fans may not know everything, I certainly don't, but i knew newbies would gain insight. I guess my examples were too obvious to make my point. I knew about those things forever being a drummer who learns songs by constantly listening to them over and over but they were the first things to come to me. I agree that Wik is not a definitive source of Zep info but I though the link would help give people a place to start. Th
  18. I do not think that they have any overrated songs. None. Thank you for asking however.
  19. Hey everyone! I was wondering if any of you have read Wikipedia's definitions for Led Zeppelin's songs. I realize that it is not 100% accurate, but I was reading some of the song definitions and there is a lot of good info on there. For example, it noted how you can hear someone yell "stop" at a specific time in Out on the Tiles: Out On the Tiles some of the other cool notes are like when you can hear Bonham's kick drum pedal squeak in certain songs or how you can hear the phone ring during The Ocean. Just wanted to share. May be old news for some but for newbies they ma
  20. Hey, don't laugh. Your post is not far off. Bonham's symbol is the same symbol as the Ballantine ale... ballantine_ale some said that is where he got it from and not from all the "mystical" places because of his fondness for drink. I think that this is just a coincidence and that he did get it from the references noted in the link earlier in this thread but who knows! peace! Pop I
  21. I hate picking songs like this because I like different songs depending on my mood. With that said, I would have to say Kashmir !! I do want to say that I am not one of those who hates STH just because it was accepted by the masses. I love it. I just like Kashmir better. Currently I am hooked on Trampled Under Foot !!
  22. I agree. I hope to hear them over here in Massachusetts USA!
  23. I do not how to put this politey. This song is about muff diving.
  24. Yes, I agree! I love Paiste myself! I got the info from this awesome page: http://www.saladrecords.com/bonhamfiles.htm It has outtakes of just Bonham drumming to various tracks. It is so cool. ( i hope my positng this link is not against the rules. I think this page is great for all Zep fans so this person should get credit. ) peace! Pop I
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