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  1. Good Morning in a smile...
  2. Happy New Year, Zep friends!
  3. Hi Frank!

    I hope you are fine and family too. 

    Happy New Year from the sunny Italy!


    1. bcarter690


      Thank you, Orni. That's very kind of you!

      I hope you and your family are having a wonderful new year in sunny Italy!


  4. Robert in Costarica, Jan 2016, with his girlfriend, the Welsh singer Deborah Rose (1st and 2nd pics) and with a fan.
  5. Hi Frank!

    How are you? How is my favourite  Trivia Champion?

    I'm fine and I hope the same for you.

    Greetings from Italy! 


    1. bcarter690


      Hello Ornella.

      I'm very well, thank you. How are you?  It's very kind of you to remember me and check in again. And for you to remember trivia too. How is bowling? How is life in Italy?

      I hope all is well with you.



  6. Great pic! Thanks fro sharing!
  7. What belly, LivingLovingHeartbreaker? This belly or this ... or this .... ?
  8. That's wonderful! Thank you Clw (now I try to send again my last message on your mailbox... )
  9. Hi! On next Friday I will be in Pistoia (Italy) for Robert and Sensational Space Shifters' gig ... I can't wait, friends!!!! I love his new song "Little Maggie" ... don't you?
  10. Clw ... a personal message for you: your LZ Forum mailbox is full and messages come back ... clean it so we can talk again ... many thanks! Have you a wonderful Sunday!
  11. ORNE

    Been MIA

    Hi clw! How are you? Let us know good news about your foot! I hope you can get better as soon as possible!
  12. My Thursday Robert ...
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