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  1. Good Morning in a smile...
  2. Happy New Year, Zep friends!
  3. Hi Frank!

    I hope you are fine and family too. 

    Happy New Year from the sunny Italy!


    1. bcarter690


      Thank you, Orni. That's very kind of you!

      I hope you and your family are having a wonderful new year in sunny Italy!


  4. Robert in Costarica, Jan 2016, with his girlfriend, the Welsh singer Deborah Rose (1st and 2nd pics) and with a fan.
  5. Hi Frank!

    How are you? How is my favourite  Trivia Champion?

    I'm fine and I hope the same for you.

    Greetings from Italy! 


    1. bcarter690


      Hello Ornella.

      I'm very well, thank you. How are you?  It's very kind of you to remember me and check in again. And for you to remember trivia too. How is bowling? How is life in Italy?

      I hope all is well with you.



  6. Great pic! Thanks fro sharing!
  7. What belly, LivingLovingHeartbreaker? This belly or this ... or this .... ?
  8. That's wonderful! Thank you Clw (now I try to send again my last message on your mailbox... )
  9. Hi! On next Friday I will be in Pistoia (Italy) for Robert and Sensational Space Shifters' gig ... I can't wait, friends!!!! I love his new song "Little Maggie" ... don't you?
  10. Clw ... a personal message for you: your LZ Forum mailbox is full and messages come back ... clean it so we can talk again ... many thanks! Have you a wonderful Sunday!
  11. My Thursday Robert ...
  12. The place of the event was not a church. It is the large Auditorium of "Rimini's Palacongressi".
  13. Dear SozoZoso and girls all, thank you for the movie: I considered it an homage for me because I am Italian. Thank you very much SozoZoso! Ok, I can explain something more about this movie. This performance had place in the hot last week of august 1993 in Rimini, Italy. The occasion was real uncommon because it was the annual "Meeting" in Rimini. The "Meeting" is an annual appointment organized by Comunione e Liberazione, a discussed Italian Catholic organization. This organization involve many young people who believe and live following strictly Catholic rules. For example many of them follow the rule of the sexual abstinence. So it’s funny to my eyes that Robert was invited to sing one of the most exciting song of every time just in this place. The priest who presented Robert suggested that “Whole Lotta Love” talks about the “Universal Love” . .. Hmmmm … It’s a very personal interpretation, I think…. Another thing I want mention is that in the first lane of public, near the priest, there are Carlo Massarini, a famous music journalist and TV personality, quite famous in Italy, and Mogol, the main Italian author, who wrote the lyrics of some of the best Italian songs of everytime. In my opinion in this movie Robert is wonderful in every respect (he ended singing:"...and she's buying a stairway to Rimini ..."). Don't you?
  14. Here Tuesday is coming, so Happy Tuesday, girls!
  15. Thank you, friends! I am happy that you like this idea. Very happy!
  16. My birthday month is May, but for the "JANUARY ROBERT" I could kill !!!!
  17. well, thank you! This could be AUGUST !!!
  18. if you are not all fainted, please let me know if you like them ... ... for me January and July are absolutely irresistible ... don't you?
  20. Hi Plantygirls! About our project of a Plant calendar, I try to suggest to you 12 (for me faboulous) pics ... If you enjoy them, we can do our Calendar ... If not, please help me with new pics. Here the first six months ... JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE
  21. AH AH AH! Planties... it could be the main sponsor of our Calendar!
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