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  1. Agreed, HMMT that night has THE ultimate performance of this song... GROOVIEST
  2. Listening to the 12/02/75 MSG gig. Right now its Trampled Under Foot, Pagey's solo goes flawless as does Bonzo and JPJ, even Plant nails the higher parts, which makes this performance one of the best TUF I've heard... the Whole SHOW is marvelous, definitely changes my mind over '75 shows. Thanks to the people in this forum who I've been reading and referencing in this world of Led Zeppelin bootlegs, thanks to your reviews and recomendations I've digitally acquired over 60 of them Each has it's own merit and there is no such thing as a bad show coming from these guys... I think my favourite gig would be the last one at The Forum (27/06/77) which has the longest No Quarter I've heard and the setlist is magical, Page and Plant have fun in the acoustic set betweet GTC and BCW with a little bit of Just can't be Satisfied, and they also play a significant part of Dancing Days before BYAS is over... Thanks for being such amazing bootleg collectors and introducing me into this amazing world of long-gone wonders these 4 guys made possible
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first time posting in this forum, I've been reading such amazing stuff from diehard zepp fans such as myself IMO I think the best performance of Kashmir would have to be 21-06-77 This show, along with the Days Confused (05-03-75) turned me into Zepp Boots... The ListenToThisEddie performance is simply the strongest bonzo of all I've heard. The entire night JB was simply on fire! But since that one's been mentioned quite a lot, my top 5 would be: 1. 21/06/77 (LTTE) 2. 25/06/77 (4th night at The Forum) 3. 07/07/80 (their last ever show with Bonzo) 4. 27/03/75 (Greatest from the '75 IMHO) 5. 19/03/75 (The best sounding Boot of all, great performace as well) Anyway... I felt like writing some zepp stuff... IT FEELS GREAT
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