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  1. I don't know if it counts as a first time but I remember in 2001 watching the mtv ema's and still being into the music of that time, when Fred Durst and Wes Scantlin from bands that I listened at the time started performing an acoustic version of Thank You by a band called Led Zeppelin, which sounded like a familiar name. And midway through the song Jimmy Page appears and plays the solo and lead acoustic guitar to the end. The whole thing is on youtube. At the time I really loved watching that but I didn't became an instant LZ fan. I kept listening to the rock music that was still playing on mtv and radio back then for a couple more years when I saw a clip of Kashmir and for the next year I started digging the web for music of older decades and also learning how to play guitar and that's how a became a fan. I find this very interesting because when I watched that performance I've never seen or knew Jimmy but I knew very well the other two, fast forward to present day or even just to 2007 and it's the opposite I feel like I know Jimmy Page and the other members of Led Zeppelin better than any other band or very few bands and I don't care for the stuff I listened as a teenager anymore. It striked me once that as a child I used to listen to my dad´s records that included Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen, Dire Straits, The Police, Alice Cooper... I even remember a tape with Black Sabbath's Paranoid and an obscure Jimi Hendrix cd collection of songs that he had collaborated or record with other musicians. I don't remember any Led Zeppelin but listening to some songs for the first time they didn't sound like first time to me. Either I had heard them before or the love and influence of classic rock had never abandoned me.
  2. Anybody know or likes some good world music bands? I've been listening to some tuareg music and a band from my country that mix world music, rock and electronic music that I started listening again. Tinariwen - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMUuuW13Fp8 Blasted Mechanism - https://soundcloud.com/blasted-mechanism/surrender
  3. Hey everyone, just joined for the second time because I couldn't remember the account that I created 7 years ago, before the O2 concert and when the forum changed to the current website. Anyway I didn't used to post much so nobody would recognize me xD. Just posting to say hello to all LZ fans!
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