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  1. I would like to think it was apunk influence for the nazi regalia. But if you lived and were raised in Europe when WWII actually happened!! You could probably get away with the dress, it's a statement or an "in your face" thing.
  2. Robert's fantasy sequence, it ties together TSRTS and TRS. I like when those two songs are performed back to back. The mob rubout. And Jimmy's weirdo part with the music box and alien eyes..
  3. Just curious, but has anyone seen the DAC Supershow performance with a guy narrating over it? I have a copy of that, in fact it was the first time I ever saw the Supershow clip. Bad quality as I bought a VHS dub from a flea market in the 80's. He doesnt talk over the whole video just at the very start and at the beginning of the bow section. Nothing special about it but I'd like to know whatever info is available.
  4. After the crash, around '81-'83, there was hype about what band was gonna be the "second coming" of Zep. I know a lot of you 40 and up fans out there remember this. It was mainly Circus and Hit Parader mags that hyped this stuff up big time. I distinctly remember Def Leppard as a contender. Nowhere close now. They had a similar guitar sound and thudish drum beats but thats it. What about Fastway? Another 2nd coming contender, similar guitar sound and production, singer emulated Plant pretty fairly. Songs all sounded the same though. Bands that "sound like Zeppelin" usually write their
  5. Yeh he kinda tried to take Zep down a notch, telling the world it's someone else's song. I wonder if there are copyright/legal reasons to blurt this stuff out.
  6. I wouldn't go as far to say Jimmy couldn't "bear" Rob's vocals starting, I'm speculating Jimmy had to put a "stamp" on the lp from the get go. This is more "conspiracy thinking" here!!...But the order of the Runes are Jimmy,Jones,Bonham,Plant. Perhaps THIS is the internal ranking of musical adepts?? If so, I correct myself when I first stated Bonzo was after Percy!!
  7. I might enjoy a couple of brews now and then! And who is joeboy btw?!
  8. This is the first Ive heard of a "panting dog" imitation :-) Thats pretty far out, pretty cool. The sound effect itself is a guitar playing an E chord at the 7th fret, picked first and then rubbing the strings at the bridge with the fleshy part of the palm. It's the same technique EVH does at the beginning of "Atomic Punk". Any guitarist should know that. But there are a couple of bass guitar strings being rattled very slightly right after the guitar revs up.
  9. It's the album intro altogether I had in mind. I remember reading in Hammer of the Gods where Jimmy was said to become perturbed with Robert getting most of the attention in the early days of the band's shows, but IV is past the "early" era I realize. Still I always notice closely song arrangements and song orders on their records. We know Jimmy has the final say on everything.
  10. Maybe my imagination is running wild with this. I didnt think about the WLL chortle as well. The intro to this album just always struck me since I was young thats all. Perhaps I've dissected this album too much in my time.
  11. I'm not sure what section to post this topic in or if it has already been asked but it has often stumbled around my brain so here goes... We all know side 1 of Zoso starts with the weird little Page/Jones sound effect. I've often wondered why exactly it was put there and this is my theory. If it wasn't inserted at the beginning Plant's voice would be the very first thing the listener hears. With Jimmy being the master of the group I don't believe he would allow this. Now the sound effect itself is first Jimmy's guitar followed half a second later by Jones' bass. Black Dog's signatu
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