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  1. Another great, underrated tune is Night Flight as it shows the band in such a different light. It also sports what is, IMO, the most difficult vocal performance of Plant's career. It is not just the register but how he phrases the lyrics which makes this song a real bitch to sing. He sings in what would be considered contralto which is actually more difficult to sing vs. soprano even though it is a wee bit lower. I am primarily a guitar player however I also sing and I just cannot nail this song even though I have no problem with Four Sticks or Immigrant Song. I get about halfway through and the vocal chords are just shred. I have asked REAL singers with serious range and they concur. This song is just an amazing and underrated Plant performance.
  2. I used to hang out in that bar back in my college days. Pretty sweet place for a gin-mill.
  3. Yeah, funky heh. He was likely able to play the guitar much better from that position compared to his typical silly ass low slung posture. Sure, playing the guitar that high may look weird but you can sure as hell play it better from that angle. Jimmy should have struck a compromise and wore the guitar where most players do, midway between. I would love to hear Jimmy's playing during this session as I suspect his playing was excellent due to the other musicians he was playing with (would not wish to look like a fool) were the very best. Plus, he likely would have been clean due to the harsh Egyptian drug laws and the muslim prohibition on alcohol. We may have found our true holy grail if a recording exists.
  4. I too have traveled extensively however have never been to the far east: Taktsand Dong, Tibet Mahabodhi Temple at Bihar, India Angor Wat, Cambodia Kyoto, Japan St. Petersburg, Russia Shout out to Hokitika Gorge, New Zealand
  5. Ray Donovan coming back on the 28th. I love that damn show. Until then, the new season of Madame Secretary and since this is October, re-watching all of Millennium.
  6. IpMan


    Skull Splitter from the Orkney Isle is my favorite. Quite tasty with a slight malty finish but not overpowering.
  7. Plant is scat-singing, just gibberish words however to be precise he is saying, "bah-da." Kinda like when Mel Torme' sings, "shooby doo do do wah" he is not singing "Scooby Do, do do, what."
  8. I have that show on DVD and it is a killer show without a doubt. the 14+ minute dueling solo Jimmy does with Porl, sandwiched between two songs is my favorite moment from this show and there are many. What is truly incredible here is how much it shows Jimmy still developing and expanding as a guitarist. His playing during this solo is quite different and unique compared to anything he had done in the past. I really love this show...can you dig it man...Far Out daddy-O!!!
  9. JSJ is spot on Andy. IMO Page was frigging amazing from the fall of 95' - 98', easily at 73' level playing ability but with the eclecticism and dissonance of 75' on as a bonus. This is what Page WOULD have sounded like in 77' had he been somewhat sober, off the H, and chose to practice on occasion. I cannot say it enough that this era for Page's playing is my favorite, even better than his Zeppelin performances at times but easily on par with 73' for sure. Plant's vocals always seem to vary from show to show but I thought he was stronger in 98' than 95' however in general he gave a better performance at the O2 since he sang as mentioned above, in the original style of the songs vs. his newer style he did on the P&P tours. So, because I am a guitar wank and prefer Michael Lee to Jason (just barely, no offense), I prefer the P&P tours to the O2 performance. Jimmy played well but was too restrained and way too safe. Maybe it was because of the broken finger, maybe because he was afraid to screw up but he was nowhere near as ballsy, badass, fluent, on fire, and confident as he was during P&P, especially from fall 95' on.
  10. Jesus Christ, what a bunch of cackling little bitches. Give it a rest, Robert nor anyone else owes you a damn thing. We are all lucky as hell we even got the O2. Shit, I still cannot believe Page & Plant did two tours in the 90's, that alone was a biblical level miracle if there ever was one yet some "people" are still not satisfied. FFS, I guess there is a certain type of person who could get with the partner of their dreams, have the most perfect chemistry and the most mind blowing sex ever and when their mate tells them how lucky they are, all they can say is, "Meh, it's ok but she does not tickle my balls enough nor does she cook me Boeuf Bourguignon afterward...SAD."
  11. You and me both, southside boy from 33rd & Damien Ave born 1968. A damn fine year if you ask me, after all, we were both born
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