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  1. For me, right now, it is Montreux March 7 1970! I have always loved the overall sound and performance from that gig! There are 2 or 3 cuts here and there, but generally, it's one of the best for me. Much better in performance than many other more popular shows. Bonzo kills on it, as always! The sound is just amazing and very clear, considering the time and source.... Bonzo sounds huge, yet punchy.
  2. Listen to Dancing Days from Southampton Jan 22 1973! It is killer! Bonzo plays very similarly to the album track. He just opens the hi-hat on the AND of 2 in each bar. Apart from that, it's the same...He felt the groove.....
  3. My favourite bootleg at the moment is Southampton Jan 22 1973. Robert's voice was still on top form and I love the fact that Bonzo was still playing his Ludwig Green Sparkle! ( That's the drummer in me! ) Check it if you don't have it. The best EVER version of How Many More Times is there! Please tell me what your favourites are. I am filling my ipod up. I had over 80 bootlegs on CD, and only have 35 on my ipod! ))
  4. I would say Southampton Jan 22 1973! I love How Many More Time on there!!! I have about 60, and that must be one of my favourites. The sound is amazing. Bonzo sounds so cool on it, too! Knebworth August 4 1979, Fillmore April 24 1969, Hamburg 1973, Kezar 1973, Copenhagen warm up 1979 and Madison 1975 are also up there. Too many to mention, but contact me and I will tell you what I have! Jem )
  5. Thanks guys. I think he used the steel kit on Bonzo's Montreux, but who knows?
  6. If there are any drummers who fancy a chat, I am here because I love drumming and I adore Zep! :P

  7. As one of Bonzo's biggest fans being a drummer, I have never had full confirmation as to what kit he actually used to record the 'Presence' album. I know all about the earlier kits, such as the maple and green sparkle. Bonzo recorded I.T.T.O.D on the Steel Ludwig, but I am almost sure the kit on Presence was a Ludwig silver sparkle. I have heard many stories about a silver sparkle being around at Musicland Studios, and Bonzo loved it, so used it, but I really want to know the truth. I would be very grateful if any of you could give me any information on this. He had used a green sparkle in th
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