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  1. Yes, Manticore was a cinema, ELP i.e Emerson Lake & Palmer owned it and used it for rehearsals, practice etc. & storage & also rented it out. It was a bit rough and ready, but not dirty as far as i saw, I was a minicab driver and Swan Song (Led Zeps own record company) had a account so drivers like me took members of staff and sometimes band members around. As i was known i was invited inside a couple of times, and waited, watching rehearsals till they finished. Not sure of year (not 1977) but think all were times was for the last rehearsals as Bonzo departed and Zep finished soon after last visit. One time i was there about 1/2 hour or more, the band were on the stage playing, the large sloped area in front of stage was (always) clear of seating and was empty with just the sound engineers with their desk/equipment near the rear, (where i stood/waited & watched), during a band part (without Robert Plant singing) a string on Page's guitar broke and a roadie came on to repair it. Robert had came off stage and started kicking a football around and the 2 engineers and myself just passed/kicked the ball around for a while (even after string was repaired and band restarted).. Apart from myself, never saw anyone else there, ,though may have been roadies at rear. At the end of one session the band wanted a drink and with one engineer and myself walked (about 100 yards) around to the Red Lion and had a drink, there were a number of head turning, but no one hassled us (must have been about 7-9pm as not dark), though Jimmie stood behind the bar (staff area). But that was not a normal pub, lots of bands used it infact it was the regular for for many including Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix band) as he lived in the road opposite. As was over 30 years ago, i do not remember any of music played, or what they wore etc. Just that is was magic, even when mistakes were made and they had to do it again. p.s. lots of bands used it, remember Wings there for quiet a while.
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