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  1. I absolutely love the Who, but there's no need for this. The Who or their reputation won't be affected in any way for getting a number one single in 2009.
  2. They created two of the best albums of the 90s.
  3. Hate to burst your bubble, but they've done it several times before.
  4. The Who Forum It used to have a stranger, longer URL, but this is probably the one you're looking for.
  5. The San Francisco show is available in higher fidelity on bootleg.
  6. Tanglewood is in the highest echelon of Who performances.
  7. In Rainbows is a great album, and deserves all the praise it gets. However, it came out in 2007.
  8. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You After that it was over, I was a fan.
  9. I think it's so funny that so many Zep fans can't stand it when any one person says Zep wasn't the greatest ever... so insecure.
  10. 1) Led Zeppelin 2) The Who 3) Radiohead 4) Bob Dylan 5) The White Stripes 6) Oasis 7) Wilco 8) Prince 9) The Beatles 10) Neil Young
  11. It's definitely the video for "D'You Know What I Mean?". Dates back to 1997. Here's the video:
  12. This is, in my estimation, the 5th time this article has come up (perhaps dating back to the old forum). However, as long as there are those who haven't read it yet, I see no problem in reposting it, as I'm sure there will be a few more repostings in the future.
  13. My answer changes just about every time I respond to one of these. I wonder why I even bother. That said... 1) Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV 2) The Who - Who's Next 3) Radiohead - OK Computer 4) Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home 5) The White Stripes - Elephant
  14. I don't think the "addictions would have gotten them" argument is necessarily sound. Certainly seems plausible that they would have moved out of that stuff. As far as the music itself goes, I think they would have gone first to a more "Presence" sound, then after that who knows.
  15. It's Entwistle, but other than that I'm completely with you. Just like any other band, they're not for anybody. You shouldn't feel compelled to like them just because they are "one of the big ones".
  16. I'm usually more sympathetic to Yoko and her avant garde inclinations... but that's unlistenable after the first verse.
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