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  1. Thanks for posting that link, although I wish I could unhear that interview......."uncomfortable trainwreck" sums it up perfectly. Those radio "personalities" had the maturity of giddy middle school boys......
  2. that was a very impressive number of people, definately a shitload
  3. Mine was delivered on Saturday. It is really an impressive book. My favorite picture is the one of Jimmy sitting on a rock in a stream at Bron y Aur. I'm interested to know what everyone's favorite picture from the book is....anyone care to share?
  4. LJS58

    Vote for Robert!

    Robert Plant or Phil Collins? No brainer
  5. Good for you! I love fish too, and I think i that made giving up red meat easier. I'm rooting for you Even if you have red meat once in a while as a treat, that's a really good change.
  6. Sure you can! I was surprised how easy it was to just not eat it anymore. Growing up, my grandfather was a butcher so we ate a lot of red meat. He would bring chopped beef, roasts, steaks, etc. over every Saturday. I was really used to it, but I stopped one day and never ate it again. Is there anything else that you like to eat (poultry, fish)? I found substituting was pretty easy.
  7. Hi, Just saw your post. I may have to break my chocolate ban to try Choceur. Sounds delicious, and I like dark chocolate the best Thanks for the recommendation!
  8. I haven't eaten beef, veal, or lamb for about 10 years. Also avoid anything with caffeine. Sadly, that means no chocolate
  9. Totally agree. Wish he would stop talking about anyone other than himself. I know, some Plant fans feel he is justified in saying whatever, whenever, but I think all those moms out there who said "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything" were right in this case. Plant just makes himself seem nasty and bitter with all the comments about Page and even JPJ (he's pulling the car up, or whatever). As I've said before, I want to like Plant more than I do, but he doesn't make it easy. I've never heard JPJ say anything nasty, and hold him in higher esteem as a person because of
  10. Thanks, Dark Lord. That was very interesting. Stuart Epps provides a lot of personal insight about his interaction with Jimmy and what was going on with Led Zeppelin during that time. His technical expertise adds another layer of interesting facts.
  11. I have two books - Learning the tarot by Joan Bunning. This is supposed to be an "easy to learn" guide to the Tarot. You start out learning the Major Arcana, but that seems to be how many books are organized. The book is all black and white, so it's not the prettiest book compared to others. And The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot by Johannes Fiebig and Evelin Burger. I found this book much more useful, especially since I wanted to start out with the Raider Waite cards. Each card has about two pages of information, which is summarized into mini paragraphs, such as "Basic Meaning
  12. Thanks for the info! I was surprised how many symbolistic meanings each card has. The artwork is really, really interesting. Kind of a combination of natural beauty and mythology.
  13. That's fine, you are entitled to your opinion. I find Tarot interesting, but I do not believe in it or that it has any real power. I don't fear things that are non-existent or have no real power.
  14. I just bought my first set of Rider-Waite tarot cards for exactly the same reason. I also got a book so I could learn their meaning. It's slightly more complicated that I thought, so I'm still in the learning process. How about you? Can you tell me more about your Steampunk deck? I'd love to see a few pictures.
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