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  1. I know this photo was posted before, in color portrait fashion, but I edited it and thought I would share my photo again. I think this version is better. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin / Yaffa Cafe / NYC by edplain, on Flickr
  2. Isis!.... I see you JUST joined yesterday? My photos brought you here? HAHA
  3. Nope, I just went through them all. I only took a full shot of the building BEFORE he arrived. Then after that is was all close ups except for this one here i posted ( BTW- here is the full wide shot of him and I. This one hangs on my office wall actually. a big one! HAHA
  4. No, not really. My Flickr page described it pretty good, a bit more than one would want to hear but I did that more for me, so I wouldnt ever forget the details of that day. The OP here did a good job of truncating it, so as to remove the BS that was not about RP. The only side story is, an aquaintence, through photographing her, (shown below) who does the part of JP in her tribute band, was trying to meet JP for years. I emailed her the day I met RP and she was shocked like everyone else. The next day, She met Jimmy at the press conference/party for the movie release. She got to chat with him
  5. Obviously I am VERY late to THIS party! HAHA. You probably already know this but, this is all there is of that day. The "Reactions" they claimed they were going to air, all ended up on the "cutting room floor". (See 3:40 in and about 20 seconds, The Blonde girl gets a good line and all I am doing is saying goodbye after our talk) All my efforts to aquire (even buy) footage has been not refused, but sadly- ignored. Not one single reply from anyone. Not even a "Piss off Dude", nothing. Maybe we all just stood there in our soiled pants? and they felt it wouldn't bring anything to the
  6. I can look to see if I took one that's not cropped that shows the building more, but if i DO, then RP will be very small in it
  7. Good evening...... I thought I would join this group here, since I see it almost every day in my Flickr Refferrers. I can't wait to go through it a bit and check it all out.
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